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Updated elections results as of Monday


GHENT – Unofficial results for the 2023 General Election were updated by the Columbia County Board of Elections, as of 4:45 p.m. on November 13.

State Supreme Court Justice 3rd Judicial District

Richard Rivera (Democratic) 9,095

Sherri J. Brooks-Morton (Democratic) 9,344

Daniel C. Lynch (Democratic) 9,263

Dana Salazar (Republican) 7,331

Dana Salazar (Conservative) 1,502

Sherri J. Brooks-Morton (Working Families) 1,658

Richard Rivera (Working Families) 1,340

Daniel C. Lynch (Working Families) 1,659

Write-in 8

Write-in 12

Write-in 14

District Attorney

Christopher Liberati-Conant (Democratic) 10,529

Ryan M. Carty (Republican) 7,819

Ryan M. Carty (Conservative) 1,680

Write-in 4

County Judge (Vote for up to two)

Michael C. Howard (Democratic) 9,560

Brian Joseph Herman (Democratic) 8,590

Joyce Crawford (Republican) 6,662

Robert “Bob” Gibson (Republican) 7,485

Robert “Bob” Gibson (Conservative) 1,546

Joyce Crawford (Conservative) 1,450

Michael C. Howard (Working Families) 1,388

Brian Joseph Herman (Working Families) 1,108

Write-in 11

Write-in 11

County Treasuer

Paul “PJ” Keeler (Republican) 9,769

Paul “PJ” Keeler (Conservative) 2,436

Write-in 113

County Coroner

Russell M. Gonzales (Democratic) 10,077

Kevin Marchetto (Republican) 7,747

Kevin Marchetto (Conservative) 1,692

Write-in 8

City of Hudson Mayor

Kamal Johnson (Democratic) 991

Write-in 31

City Treasurer

Heather S. Campbell (Democratic) 1,087

Write-in 4

Common Council President

Thomas M. DePietro (Democratic) 953

Write-in 23

Ancram Town Supervisor

Bonnie J. Hundt (Democratic) 369

James E. MacArthur (Republican) 398

Will Weiss (Ancram United) 2

Write-in 1

Ancram Town Clerk/ Tax Collector

Monica R. Cleveland (Republican) 501

Monica R. Cleveland (Conservative) 58

Write-in 4

Ancram Town Council (Vote for up to two)

Colleen M. Lutz (Democratic) 387

Bob Roche (Democratic) 373

John R. Ingram (Republican) 356

David Boice (Republican) 385

Bob Roche (Ancram United) 8

Write-in 0

Write-in 0

Ancram Town Highway Superintendent

James P. Miller (Republican) 484

James P. Miller (Conservative) 49

Write-in 12

Austerlitz Town Council (Vote for up to two)

Cara Humphrey (Democratic) 458

Ken Kaplan (Democratic) 445

Write-in 3

Write-in 3

Canaan Town Supervisor

Brenda Adams (Democratic) 436

Brenda Adams (Republican) 161

Write-in 3

Canaan Town Council (Vote for up to two)

Virginia Nightingale (Democratic) 505

Brian Lifsec (Democratic) 467

Write-in 1

Write-in 0

Canaan Town Justice (Vote for up to two)

Katherine E. Ambrosio (Democratic) 435

Delena M. Schaefer (Democratic) 424

Delena M. Schaefer (Republican) 155

Katherine E. Ambrosio (Republican) 157

Write-in 2

Write-in 0

Canaan Town Highway Superintendent

Stephen VanTassel (Democratic) 437

Stephen VanTassel (Republican) 185

Write-in 1

Chatham Town Supervisor

Christopher W. Spencer (Democratic) 828

Donal Collins (Republican) 822

Christopher W. Spencer (Chatham Neighbors) 37

Donal Collins (Chatham For All) 78

Chatham Town Council (Vote for up to two)

John Wapner (Democratic) 862

Angus Eaton (Democratic) 864

Vance Pitkin (Republican) 726

Tim Mackerer (Republican) 717

John Wapner (Chatham Neighbors) 49

Angus Eaton (Chatham Neighbors) 51

Vance Pitkin (Chatham For All) 77

Tim Mackerer (Chatham For All) 85

Write-in 0

Write-in 0

Chatham Town Justice

Michael A. Hart (Democratic) 983

Michael A. Hart (Republican) 625

Write-in 2

Claverack Town Council (Vote for up to two)

Selha Graham (Democratic) 861

Tracy Hennige (Democratic) 852

Gene Hallenbeck, Jr. (Republican) 884

George E. Duntz, Jr. (Republican) 798

George E. Duntz, Jr. (Conservative) 127

Write-in 0

Write-in 0

Clermont Town Council (Vote for up to two)

Lindsey Lusher Shute (Democratic) 314

Dawn Brownson (Democratic) 324

Write-in 6

Write-in 6

Clermont Town Justice

Richard Christensen (Republican) 316

Write-in 5

Total Votes Cast 321

Copake Town Supervisor

Richard Wolf (Democratic) 633

Richard Wolf (Working Families) 108

Write-in 18

Copake Town Clerk/ Tax Collector

Lynn M. Connolly (Democratic) 595

Lynn M. Connolly (Republican) 403

Write-in 0

Copake Town Council (Vote for up to two)

Stosh Gansowski (Republican) 548

Bob Haight (Republican) 576

Write-in 7

Write-in 11

Copake Town Justice

Hilarie L. Thomas (Republican) 583

Write-in 8

Total Votes Cast 591

Under Votes 471

Copake Town Highway Superintendent

William H. Gregory (Democratic) 567

William H. Gregory (Republican) 422

Write-in 0

Gallatin Town Supervisor

John C. Reilly (Democratic) 340

Write-in 3

Gallatin Town Clerk/ Tax Collector

Lisa DeLeeuw (Democratic) 371

Write-in 1

Gallatin Town Council (Vote for up to two)

Sara McGhee (Democratic) 341

Jeff Jorve (Democratic) 319

Write-in 1

Write-in 1

Gallatin Town Justice

Eric Mortenson (Democratic) 348

Write-in 1

Germantown Town Council (Vote for up to two)

Kaare Christian (Democratic) 481

Sarah Suarez (Democratic) 514

Zach Moore (Palatine’s United) 191

Genette Picicci Oehlke (Unified Germantown) 263

Write-in 4

Write-in 2

Ghent Town Council (Vote for up to two)

Lynda Nielsen (Republican) 887

Daniel R. Barufaldi (Republican) 838

Lynda Nielsen (Conservative) 197

Daniel R. Barufaldi (Connect Ghent) 147

Write-in 7

Write-in 11

Ghent Town Justice (Vote for up to two)

Mark Portin (Republican) 963

Michael N. Bruno (Republican) 847

Michael N. Bruno (Conservative) 190

Write-in 1

Write-in 2

Greenport Town Supervisor

Kathleen P. Eldridge (Democratic) 461

Kathleen P. Eldridge (Republican) 381

Kathleen P. Eldridge (Conservative) 94

Write-in 7

Greenport Town Council (Vote for up to two)

Francis “Frank” Iaccino (Democratic) 426

Guy Apicella (Democratic) 424

Francis “Frank” Iaccino (Republican) 408

Guy Apicella (Republican) 406

Guy Apicella (Conservative) 92

Francis “Frank” Iaccino (Conservative) 83

Write-in 2

Write-in 2

Greenport Town Justice

Barry Sack (Democratic) 467

Barry Sack (Republican) 424

Barry Sack (Conservative) 98

Write-in 2

Greenport Town Highway Superintendent

John P. Mausolf, Sr. (Democratic) 472

John P. Mausolf, Sr. (Republican) 417

John P. Mausolf, Sr. (Conservative) 94

Write-in 2

Hillsdale Town Supervisor

Mike Dvorchak (Democratic) 545

Write-in 10

Hillsdale Town Clerk

Robina Ward (Democratic) 511

Write-in 12

Hillsdale Tax Collector

Joseph Hanselman, Jr. (Democratic) 591

Write-in 0

Hillsdale Town Council (Vote for up to two)

Jamie Carano Nordenstrom (Democratic) 414

Irwin Feld (Democratic) 484

Write-in 124

Write-in 4

Hillsdale Town Justice (Vote for up to two)

Robert Werner (Democratic) 533

Russ Immarigeon (Democratic) 526

Write-in 1

Write-in 0

Hillsdale Town Highway Superintendent

Richard Briggs (Democratic) 581

Write-in 4

Supervisor, 1st Ward, City of Hudson

Claire Cousin (Democratic) 278

Write-in 6

Councilmember, 1st Ward, City of Hudson (Vote for up to two)

Gary Purnhagen (Democratic) 242

Margaret Morris (Democratic) 292

Write-in 2

Write-in 1

Supervisor, 2nd Ward, City of Hudson

Abdus Miah (Democratic) 163

Write-in 0

Councilmember, 2nd Ward, City of Hudson (Vote for up to two)

Mohammed M. Rony (Democratic) 125

Dewan A. Sarowar (Democratic) 144

Dewan A. Sarowar (Conservative) 5

Write-in 0

Write-in 0

Supervisor, 3rd Ward, City of Hudson

Michael Chameides (Democratic) 217

Michael Chameides (Working Families) 36

Write-in 0

Councilmember, 3rd Ward, City of Hudson (Vote for up to two)

Shershah Mizan (Democratic) 206

Lola Roberts (Democratic) 218

Bill Huston (Fiscal Responsibility) 42

Write-in 1

Write-in 4

Supervisor, 4th Ward, City of Hudson

Linda L. Mussmann (Democratic) 164

Write-in 1

Councilmember, 4th Ward, City of Hudson (Vote for up to two)

Jennifer Belton (Democratic) 153

Rich “Trixie” Volo (Democratic) 145

Write-in 2

Write-in 1

Supervisor, 5th Ward, City of Hudson

Richard Scalera (Democratic) 261

Write-in 2

Councilmember, 5th Ward, City of Hudson (Vote for up to two)

Dominic Merante (Democratic) 230

Vicky Daskaloudi (Democratic) 223

Write-in 1

Write-in 2

Kinderhook Town Supervisor

Timothy Ooms (Democratic) 1,271

Timothy Ooms (Republican) 1,242

Timothy Ooms (Conservative) 342

Write-in 13

Kinderhook Town Clerk/ Tax Collector

Nataly D. Jones (Democratic) 1,276

April S. Pinkowski (Republican) 1,353

April S. Pinkowski (Conservative) 353

Nataly D. Jones (Kinderhook Community Party) 94

Write-in 1

Kinderhook Town Council (Vote for up to two)

Sally Naramore (Democratic) 1,379

Philip Bickerton (Democratic) 1,224

George J. Graham (Republican) 1,156

Philip Bickerton (Republican) 1,184

Philip Bickerton (Conservative) 321

George J. Graham (Conservative) 318

Sally Naramore (Kinderhook Community Party) 101

Write-in 9

Write-in 1

Kinderhook Town Justice

Ken Golden (Democratic) 1,420

David W. Kolb (Republican) 1,564

Write-in 2

Livingston Town Council (Vote for up to two)

William “Will” Yandik (Democratic) 429

William “Bill” Bender (Democratic) 399

William “Will” Yandik (Republican) 422

William “Bill” Bender (Republican) 461

Write-in 1

Write-in 3

Livingston Town Justice

Harold G. “Sonny” Weaver, Jr. (Democratic) 438

Harold G. “Sonny” Weaver, Jr. (Republican) 489

Write-in 2

New Lebanon Town Clerk

Ashley Saviano (Democratic) 368

Marcie Robertson (Republican) 461

Marcie Robertson (Conservative) 88

Ashley Saviano (New Lebanon First) 44

Write-in 0

Total Votes Cast 961

New Lebanon Tax Collector

Tammie Darcy (Democratic) 460

Tammie Darcy (Republican) 428

Write-in 2

New Lebanon Town Council (Vote for up to two)

Josh Young (Democratic) 408

Steve Powers (Democratic) 416

Kevin C. Smith, Sr. (Republican) 365

Elizabeth Ellen Kroboth (Republican) 399

Kevin C. Smith, Sr. (Conservative) 61

Elizabeth Ellen Kroboth (Conservative) 71

Steve Powers (New Lebanon First) 44

Josh Young (New Lebanon First) 39

Write-in 1

Write-in 1

New Lebanon Town Council, Unexpired term

Monte Wasch (Democratic) 396

Craig James Skerkis (Republican) 410

Craig James Skerkis (Conservative) 73

Monte Wasch (New Lebanon First) 44

Write-in 0

New Lebanon Town Justice

Lorrie Wechter (Democratic) 386

John “Jack” Nevers (Republican) 498

Lorrie Wechter (New Lebanon First) 47

Write-in 1

New Lebanon Town Highway Superintendent

Peter McCagg (Democratic) 372

Peter McCagg (Republican) 194

Jeffrey Winestock (Conservative) 387

Write-in 0

Stockport Town Supervisor

Matt B. Murell (Republican) 361

Matt B. Murell (Conservative) 110

Write-in 3

Stockport Town Council (Vote for up to two)

John R. Leone (Republican) 340

Charles Florio (Republican) 354

John R. Leone (Conservative) 108

Charles Florio (Conservative) 92

Write-in 1

Write-in 2

Stuyvesant Town Supervisor

Lee Jamison (Democratic) 269

Ron Knott (Republican) 348

Ron Knott (Conservative) 90

Write-in 1

Stuyvesant Town Council (Vote for up to two)

Wendy Bopp (Democratic) 302

Cal Waits (Democratic) 265

Kelley Williams (Republican) 314

Charles Stiffler (Republican) 318

Kelley Williams (Conservative) 78

Charles Stiffler (Conservative) 79

Write-in 3

Write-in 0

Stuyvesant Town Highway Superintendent, Unexpired term

Joseph Scrum (Republican) 398

Joseph Scrum (Conservative) 115

Write-in 7

Taghkanic Town Clerk/ Tax Collector

Cheryl E. Rogers (Republican) 230

Cheryl E. Rogers (Conservative) 58

Write-in 2

Taghkanic Town Council (Vote for up to Two)

Perry Ascher (Democratic) 257

Douglas Craig (Democratic) 269

Joshua Plass (Republican) 167

Joshua Plass (Conservative) 30

Write-in 0

Write-in 2

Proposal one, an amendment

Yes 11,594

No 6,601

Proposal two, an amendment

Yes 12,334

No 5,798

Proposal three, a question (Town of Canaan)

Yes 482

No 152

Proposal four, a question (Town of Canaan)

Yes 434

No 168

Proposal five, a question (Town of Canaan)

Yes 310

No 306

Proposal three, a proposition (Town of Chatham)

Yes 1,207

No 519

Total Votes Cast 1,726

Proposal three, a proposition (Town of Greenport)

Yes 655

No 411

Proposal three, a proposition (Town of Kinderhook)

Yes 1,678

No 1,353

Proposal three, a proposition (Town of Stuyvesant)

Yes 412

No 277

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