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THROUGH THE WOODS: These dark cold days


BRRRRR, WE ARE HEADING into those ever-shortening hours of daylight, cold and the lingering adjustment to Eastern Standard Time. The marauding bears should be hibernating, and all the intelligent birds have gone south. And may we be spared further burdens of the elections.

This year was the worst I have experienced. My mailbox was filled with postcards and envelopes from parties I never heard of in addition to the ones I recognized. Our nice lady in the Post Office said she couldn’t wait until it ended because they were overwhelmed with mail-in ballots and all the handling of political ads. The number of robocalls reached a record, ringing at all hours of the day and into late evenings. My caller id was of little use because some were displayed as companies and places I recognized; one even said it was from CDPHP (Capital District Physicians Health Plan). How do they do this?

It is prudent to be wary of scammers taking advantage of us during these times. I know one person who stopped answering her phone and used only email for a while and asked friends and family to communicate by this method. It got to a point where I didn’t want to vote for any of these annoying people. The TV was flooded with millions upon millions of dollars of extremely poor candidate ads, some with outrageous and distorted statements. Politics has always been rough, contentious, and dirty and this year really topped it all. There are still requests begging for more donations.

Maybe I am just getting grumpy from age and the cold but there must be a way to reduce this harassment from happening again. Each candidate should be allowed equal, limited mailings, TV time, and one reminder-to-vote call. That is fair to everyone. Rallies and events are fine. People can go if they wish or stay home if they don’t want to participate.

Voting should be on election day with valid identification and plenty of supervision. Mail-in ballots need to be reduced.

November is the month to be thankful. I am happy it is over and candidates from each party won seats locally, statewide and nationally. Balance of power, the debate of ideas, and varying perspectives are good things. Please listen to your constituents. Congratulations to all and may there be peace on earth for the coming Holidays.

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