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THROUGH THE WOODS: Merry Christmas


IT IS SO QUIET. We are back to the “not a creature was stirring not even a mouse” feeling, although I did see a mouse in the garage last night. It is time to clean up and start cooking, eating, visiting, giving and opening presents again. Some of my decorations are up and more needs to be done. I can’t have a tree because my rambunctious cat climbs, plays with and attacks decorations within the distance of a good leap. I am content with a ceramic, lighted tree.

An orange. Photo by Nancy Jane Kern

The house looks so pretty with runners on sideboards, poinsettias, and flowers about and colored lights in view. There are greens in the large watering can on the porch and the wreath will soon be decorated for the front door. It takes so much time putting it all up I don’t want to take it down.

Every year we plan for months, spend so much money on gift wrap that gets tossed, and “boom,” it is all over. Maybe my grandfather’s 1890s boyhood present of one orange in its own natural wrapper was a good idea. It makes you stop and think about all the commercialism. In this economy should we be cutting back and spending more time on the true meaning of Christmas? If we don’t spend and buy, then are we hurting the economy?

It is hard to know what we should do. The kids have a wonderful time. They tear into their packages and whoop over things they hoped Santa would bring. Sometimes their faces look puzzled until an adult explains a particular present. Some of the family are older and it is difficult to determine what they want. Money seems to please them more than anything. One saves it, and another asks her mother when can we go shopping? I feel lazy about this except she was the only one in the past who ran up to me and hugged me for it. Her mother looked at me with a big smile on her face too, so I know the two of them had a great time at the after Christmas sales.

I will take a break because I do have to get ready for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. The prime rib is already in the freezer, and I will have to make a note to take it out in time to thaw. I am gearing up again for more festivities. I’ll try the recipe I found for bacon wrapped dates. It is a happy time of year, and I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season.

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