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THROUGH THE WOODS: A tough year ends


WHAT A YEAR of fear and turmoil 2020 has been. It started like any normal year, then the Covid-19 pandemic arrived. I admit I have been frighted because I and family members are in the most vulnerable categories of age and sometimes combined with medical issues. It has been a year of isolation for many of us. One family member, an in-law, was isolated in a nursing home. No one could see him except to stand outside and wave at his window. He became ill with Covid-19, went to an Albany hospital in isolation. He recovered, went back to a nursing home and eventually died. Only his wife and two sons could attend a burial without a funeral. We hope that at some point we can have a proper religious service to honor him.

Schoolmates, neighbors, and friends have died. So many thousands of people have gone through similar situations. We have been a nation of fear, loss of livelihoods, anger and grieving. Woven through this were elections and political turmoil. It is a wonder we have managed to stay as sane as we are. I have had lots of time to think about this and religion, connections to friends and family have helped. I spend a good portion of the day in Zoom meetings, watching live streamed Church services, and talking on the phone. In nice weather I occasionally saw family members and friends at a distance outdoors.

It has made me so thankful for all the things I am fortunate to have. It was a different Thanksgiving, a turkey TV dinner for me, and the cat had a can of his favorite turkey cat food in gravy. We all phoned and emailed each other and wished a Happy Thanksgiving. Now we have a similar Christmas.

I was looking forward to seeing the Star of Bethlehem that has not been seen since the Middle Ages. The weather may cancel that too. So, I look to the good things of this year.

I live out in the country in a beautiful county and have stayed Covid-19 free. I have nature all around me with the ability to stay out of stores and stay safe. There are more effective pandemic treatments and a vaccine on the way. I will take it when I can get it. Soon we will have the promise of a new and hopefully much better new year. This is my wish for us all. Stay safe and may we all have a very Happy New Year 2021!

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