Summer’s almost here and so is the carnival in K’hook



VALATIE—It’s right this way to the carnival this weekend in Kinderhook and the event could make the town some money.

At their monthly meeting on June 3, the Town Board heard an update on plans for the upcoming carnival being held at the town owned park, as a benefit for the town’s Recreation Department, this Thursday through Sunday. See below for the schedule.

Steve D’Ambrozio from the town’s Recreation Committee reported that the “Carnival has arrived” at Volunteer Park on State Farm Road. The town’s Highway Department has put up temporary snow fencing around the Little League fields in the park and marked off parking areas. Mr. D’Ambrozio said that local State Troopers had stopped by the park to see what was going on. He said that he reached out to the county Sheriff’s Office about the traffic and fireworks during the four day event.

Both Mr. D’Ambrozio and Town Supervisor Tim Ooms said during the meeting, when asked, that town funds were not spent on this event and that 20% of the proceeds from the ride tickets will go to the town’s Recreation Department to support its programs. The rides, games and food are from a company called Gillette Shows from Pittsfield, MA (

Mr. D’Ambrozio also said that the town has received $7,750 in sponsorship from local businesses to cover any expenses. He presented the board with a list of sponsors and costs at the meeting. The sponsorship funds will cover the cost for fireworks ($5,000), the sound technician ($500), yard signs ($471) and four bands performing Saturday ($250 each).

According to the report there may be more expenses, not to exceed $300, to be submitted later this month. As for the proceeds from the ride ticket sales, “The money shall remain in the Recreation Department budget to offset future Recreation events in the town including future Community Day celebrations.”

The Community Day at the carnival will be Saturday, June 8. Bands will perform at the pavilion and fireworks that night. For the carnival’s four-day run, ride wristbands are $25 each day. The carnival will be open from 5 to 9 p.m. Thursday and Friday; noon to 9 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Entry and parking are free, according to a press release from the town.

“It’s exciting,” said board member Debbie Devine about the carnival.

There is information on the town’s website and Facebook.

The town’s summer recreation program was also discussed at the meeting. There is currently a wait-list of about 18 kids for a spot at the town run summer camp day program at Volunteer Park. Victoria Groat, a town resident, whose grandson is on the wait-list, had questions about the communication of the sign-up days for the camp and the limited number of kids who were able to attend. Town Recreation Director Barbara Berger said that the town has increased the number of campers from 60 to 150 over the years, and the staffing needs must meet county and state health codes. Councilwoman Devine also pointed out that the fees do not meet the expenses for the program.

Ms. Groat said that there is a need to increase the numbers so more kids have an opportunity to attend. “I think the Town of Kinderhook can do better,” she said at the meeting.

Also at the meeting, the board approved support of state Senate and Assembly legislation that would allow for land at the park to be sold to the Valatie Rescue Squad at “fair market price.” The squad has been looking for a new home for several years and if they are allowed to purchase the land at the town park they would build a new building to meet their needs. According to Supervisor Ooms, the land would include the two buildings at the park that have been closed for many years.

The next Town Board meeting will be July 1 at 6:30 p.m. at the Martin H. Glynn Municipal Building.

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