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Suffering dog left by the roadside



CRARYVILLE—A dog in distress was deserted by the side of Route 23 in the hamlet, the evening of Thursday, January 25.

Barney the Cane Corso was abandoned in his time of need. Photo contributed

The Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA (CGHS/SPCA) and the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office seek the public’s help in locating the owner of the dog, a Cane Corso, subsequently named Barney by authorities.

The American Kennel Club describes this large working dog breed as “intelligent, affectionate and majestic.”

A passerby spotted Barney and stopped to help him. The rescuer’s first thought was that Barney had been hit by a car because he could not bear weight on one of his front legs. After closer observation it was found that his leg was swollen and causing him tremendous pain. Copake’s Dog Control Officer Kyle Miller was called, and Barney was rushed to a veterinarian. After numerous xrays it was discovered that Barney was suffering from an advanced stage of osteosarcoma (bone cancer).

According to a CGHS/SPCA press release, osteosarcoma is one of the most painful conditions to have and without proper pain management it causes excruciating pain.

It is the opinion of investigators that Barney’s owner knew about the dog’s condition and did not want to seek proper medical attention or reach out for assistance, and so, ditched Barney by the roadside.

“This is one of the most shameful, cowardly acts of cruelty one can do to an animal. In their most desperate time of need, to abandon an animal on the side of the road—in Barney’s case, knowing the painful condition that he was suffering from—is unconscionable and shows depraved indifference to this dog,” said Ron Perez, president/investigator of the CGHS/SPCA.

After careful consideration and consultation with the CGHS/SPCA medical team, it was determined that Barney was suffering excessively from his irreversible and painful condition, and he was humanely euthanized.

Anyone with information pertaining to Barney is asked to contact the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office at 518-828-0601.

To contact Diane Valden email

Bad weather is good time for ice rescue practice

When most of us were snug at home with snow and sleet falling the morning of Sunday, January 28, members of the Copake Fire Company conducted Cold Water/Ice Rescue Operations drills at the Taconic State Park ore pit in Copake Falls. Conditions were perfect for simulating challenging ice conditions for rescue. Firefighters on the ice and in the water broke trail to imaginary victims and swam in their immersion suits. Rescuers were pushed to the limits of exhaustion—swimming and pushing through the ice. “Big credit” goes to the anchor teams who worked at managing and hauling tether and haul lines, according to information posted on the company’s Facebook site. Photos courtesy of the Copake Fire District

Car and snow plow crash at crossroads
No injuries were reported when a car and a Columbia County snow plow collided at the intersection of State Route 295 and County Route 5 in Canaan, January 28 at 7:41 p.m. Columbia County NY 911 dispatched Canaan firefighters to assist with traffic control at the property damage accident scene in stormy conditions. State Police investigated. Firefighters were back in service at 7:58 p.m. Photo by R.E. Lindmark

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