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Sheriffs get their own week



41 15blot sheriffs week pc
Sheriffs get their own week. Governor Cuomo proclaimed the second week of September as Sheriffs’ Week to celebrate the significant contributions made by the office of sheriff in county government and in the statewide criminal justice system. The Columbia County Board of Supervisors, September 9, signed a proclamation acknowledging Sheriffs’ Week and the valuable work carried out by the Sheriff and the members of the Sheriff’s Office and its longstanding place within Columbia County and the State of New York. Pictured at the meeting are (l-r): Captain John DeRocha, Sheriff David P. Bartlett and First Sergeant John Rivero. Photo contributed
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Readying for winter. With the approach of the cold weather and increasing use of fireplaces, wood and pellet stoves, the Chatham Fire Department conducted a live chimney fire exercise September 30. Using a simulator constructed of typical chimney building materials, firefighters were tested and refined their skills to extinguish chimney fires without the use of water. Leaving water as a last resort minimizes potential damage to residents’ homes from putting out such fires. Residents are encouraged to have their chimneys cleaned at least annually to reduce the risk of a chimney fire. For more information or to volunteer email: Photo contributed

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