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HHA waits for feedback from the state on Bliss plan



HUDSON–The Hudson Housing Authority (HHA) and Mountco Construction and Development Corporation have sent a concept paper to the NY State Division of Housing and Community Renewal (HCR) for feedback on their preliminary proposal to redevelop HHA property, HHA’s Executive Director Jeffrey Dodson announced to its Board of Commissioners, at its meeting January 17. This was the first meeting as commissioner for Debra McPherson, whom HHA tenants elected in December.

The HHA runs the 135-apartment income-restricted Bliss Tower and Columbia Apartments. Over the past two and a half years, the board has decided to redevelop the property and picked Mountco as its development partner. Last fall Mountco presented a proposal to replace the buildings with five new buildings, ranging from four to seven stories, with about 300 apartments all together.

The HCR’s feedback to the concept paper that the HHA submitted will suggest whether and how to modify the plan.

Mr. Dodson also told the meeting about a video conference he and two Mountco executives held in December with two Hudson residents who presented themselves as concerned citizens. In the video conference, Mr. Dodson explained that “our plans are fluid at this point.” However, at the HHA meeting, he seemed optimistic that the concerned citizens understood the project better.

Ms. McPherson is one of the board’s two Tenant Commissioners, elected by fellow HHA tenants in December for a two-year term. The remaining commissioners are appointed by the mayor of Hudson. Currently the board has six active members.

Also at the meeting, Mr. Dodson announced an agreement with Unity Now, to use the roof of Bliss for facilities that are expected to lower the cost of Internet access for its residents. The agreement is for a year and can be extended.

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