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Former deputy pleads guilty to spying on woman

Former Sheriff's deputy Thomas Bagnall pleaded guilty to unlawful surveillance, July 8.
Former Sheriff’s deputy Thomas Bagnall pleaded guilty to unlawful surveillance, July 8. Photo by Lance Wheeler

HUDSON—Thomas G. Bagnall, 27, of Hudson pleaded guilty to second degree unlawful surveillance, a class E felony, in Columbia County Court before Judge Jonathan Nichols, July 8. The former sheriff’s deputy, who was suspended without pay following his arrest, immediately forfeited his job as soon as he entered the plea, according to District Attorney Paul Czajka.

Mr. Bagnall took photos of a woman dressing and undressing in November 2010 from outside the woman’s Livingston residence without her consent. The images were subsequently posted on the Internet.

He was charged by State Police investigators from the Livingston barracks, December 30, 2014. He was a sheriff’s deputy for four years.

Sentencing is set for September 2. He could be sentenced to a minimum of probation and a maximum of 1 1/3 to 4 years in prison. He is represented by attorney Dennis McAvoy.

Former pastor, ex-wife plead guilty to stealing from church

HUDSON—James Osborne and Joyce Osborne were convicted by guilty plea in Columbia County Court before Judge Richard M. Koweek of third degree grand larceny July 2, according to a press release from District Attorney Paul Czajka.

On April 30, a grand jury indicted the former pastor of the Ghent Bible Baptist Church and his former wife for stealing from that church by various means.

DA Czajka told the court that the pair had used church funds for personal expenses, including the purchase of an automobile. They had also borrowed money for themselves, but named the church as the debtor responsible for repayment. The indictment said the former husband and wife stole more than $3,000 between June 2010 and June 2014. Church members discovered the missing funds, which may exceed $70,000, and called authorities in to investigate.

Judge Koweek adjourned the matter until September 1, when he will sentence both defendants.

Each of them faces a maximum of 2 2/3 to 7 years with the Department of Corrections, although neither the court nor DA Czajka committed to any sentence at the time of the guilty pleas.

State Police Investigators Michael Castle and Andrew Behrens handled the case. DA Czajka commended their skill.


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Former sheriff’s deputy Thomas Bagnall pleaded guilty to unlawful surveillance.





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