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EDITORIAL: You call this news?



THE CAT WENT PUNK. It was something sticky on his fur just above his tail. Clumps of his fur stood up the way kids do to freak out their grandparents. The cat seems proud of it.

The cat’s fur may be weird, but it’s not news. Trust me on this. A cat with spiky hair is not making an observation of moral or ethical judgment when he expresses his pleasure, annoyance or indifference with its new hairdo. About the best we can do is to attribute the behavior to the bond between cats and humans. That bond has a long and complex history. That doesn’t make it news.

One of the jobs of people in the news business is to let the public know when the bond between people and pets and other animals has been broken. We are grateful for the information and services we receive and publish from the Columbia Greene Humane Society/SPCA and from Nancy Jane Kern’s Through the Woods column.

We welcome all kinds of contributions from the people and organizations of Columbia County and you don’t have to be a service provider to share a photo with our readers. Simply email it to Be sure you include your name and address and a daytime phone number. Also tell us who or what is in the photo. There’s a limited amount of space in each issue of the paper, so we can’t guarantee we’ll publish all of them, but we’ll do our best. The photo should focus on subjects in Columbia County.

We have reporters assigned to report news from all over Columbia County and still we can’t get to all the news here. Maybe you would like to help or possibly you want to criticize a story we’ve already published. We’re always looking for more input. If you want to speak to our readers—about 2,000 of them each week—email a letter to us at

•Include a daytime phone number to call you and provide the community where you live

•We print the names of those who write to us; no false names

•If you’d like to join us, send us a sample of something you have written. Whatever it is it shouldn’t be longer than two pages. If you know something about politics, be sure to include a brief description of your involvement.

There will be elections on the ballot this November. Voters will elect a new district attorney and two county judges. In Hudson, voters will fill a couple City Council seats. There is also an election for a seat in Congress in one part of Columbia County.

And the voting will all be wrapped up in the next 8 weeks.

By definition all of it is news even if it doesn’t sound like it. In a democracy like ours, voting determines who has the power and who has the power determines our future.

The cat is all cleaned up now. There’s no sign he was a rebel.

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