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EDITORIAL: Why does a newspaper look like that?



KELLY YOUNG, ANOTHER of our long-term colleagues at The Columbia Paper, has decided to go her own way. Anyone who has seen this newspaper has probably seen her work although they might not know it. She designed our front page and inside pages.

The front page of any newspaper is, or should be, a newspaper’s signature. It calls out to readers as to what the staff considers the most important stories in the current issue and it alerts you to stories or features you might otherwise miss. Add a couple of dozen photo options and other graphic elements and even our small publication staff sat back to watch with respect as Kelly worked with Managing Editor/Deputy Publisher Emilia Teasdale to shape the pieces into 24 to 28 page papers week in and week out.

And now Kelly has gone. Gulp!

There are likely to be differences in the look of the paper with Kelly’s departure, but we don’t yet know what they will be or how long the changes will last. We’ve been told that the paper may be laid out by a company in another country and then sent by email (or some other digital means) to our printer in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, before it lands in our hands.

Kelly will be painting portraits in Columbia County. We wish her the best.

Her departure reminds us that change remains constant and this planet is one we must share.

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