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EDITORIAL: Where’d the editorial go?



SORRY FOR THE LONG DROUGHT of editorials. At least a couple of people have asked about them; they wanted to know whether the new owners had muzzled our opinions on local issues.

The answer is no. No muzzling. The new owners have been supportive. The problem is the same one that plagues most every newspaper these days. There’s too much news and too few people to report and analyze the stories that pop up all over the communities we cover.

The staffing got worse when I was diagnosed last August with Parkinson’s disease. It’s a neurodegenerative disease, according to the sources I consult.

One of the symptoms is “slowness.” That’s not an asset for somebody in a deadline-driven business like a newspaper.

One other item on my list of belated Columbia Paper updates is a change in our system for delivering the paper which begins this week (November 16). We are proud of the record of our team of drivers. But please know circumstances have changed here and the delivery routes are being handled differently. You can always go online to see the paper and stories at

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