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CCPR talks fentanyl at New Leb Wellness



NEW LEBANON – Frank Marshall, CASAC-2, represented Columbia County Pathways to Recovery at the First Annual Health & Wellness Fair held at the Fire House in New Lebanon on December 10. Mr. Marshall was hosting training on the use of Narcan.

Executive Director Frank Marshall, CASAC-2, of Columbia Pathways to Recovery Photo by Peter Flierl

Of all fentanyl overdose deaths in Columbia County in 2022, 50% were in the 40 to 49 age group, while another 21.4% were in the 30 to 39 age group. Fentanyl related deaths in the county broke down as follows: fentanyl alone, 35.7%; fentanyl with cocaine and amphetamines or meth, 21.4%. As Mr. Marshall noted at the event, the ante has been raised. Backlogs in the coroner’s office causes data collection to be months behind.

One program begun in collaboration with the Columbia-Greene Addiction Coalition is providing free training for restaurants and bars on the use of Narcan. There are several bars in Hudson already participating and using free coasters provided. The coasters compare a penny and a fentanyl overdose. Restaurants and bars in Chatham and New Lebanon are being approached to participate.

For information on Narcan or other addiction issues, call 518 755-0236, email, or visit

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