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Firefighters complete more classes


GREENPORT—The Columbia County Fire Coordinators Office congratulates the following county residents for completing emergency training sponsored by their office and the New York State Office of Homeland Security.

ICS 300 (incident command) hosted by the Sheriff’s Office and taught by Mike Stelling was attended by: Lee Heim, Rick Ohl, Tony DeMarco, Jim Everett, Tom Sheriff, Bernie Kelleher, Henry Schwartz, Roy Brown, John Davi, Michelle Ublacker, William Zincio and Wayne Lopez.

Mellenville Fire Company hosted a Firefighter 1 course taught by Louis Godfroy with assistance from Wayne Gearing, Joe Laviano and Mr. Stelling. Graduates included:

Christina Brusakos, Russell Corcoran, Amy-Louise Corneau, McKenzie Cox, Kyle Hoffman, Joseph Imperati, Gregory Klima, Joshua Krein, Cody Mossman, David Naughton, Laurence Ostrander, Brandon Rice, John Tice, Margaret White and Nathaniel Williams.

Mr. Stelling and the Kinderhook Fire Department teamed up for Scene Support Operations with 15 firefighters successfully completing this training. They were: Christopher Aderholdt, Cathy Burns, Frank Dingman, Jr., George Duntz, John Gallant, Jr., Chance Imperati, Arthur McGuire, Thomas Mueller, Joshua Near, Steve Olah, Stephanie Shumsky, Jonathon Turner, Raymond Wahlers, Jeffrey Wright and Rachel Wright.

Incident Safety Officer training was held at Lebanon Valley Protective Association and taught by Mr. Gearing. Successful attendees were: Christina Brusakas, Michael Dutcher, Alan Gearing, Michael Guido, Chris Hotaling, Robin Howes, Evan Kerr, Joshua Krein, Michael LaForge, Matthew Larabee, Patricia Liddle, Richard Lindmark, Philip Orsini, Zachary Orsini, David Page, Eric Pilkington, Matthew Pirrone, Paul Reuell, William Rogers, Joshua Schuster, Mark Sheline, Aaron Sweet, Bryan Vandenburgh and Robert Waters.

Columbia County residents are reminded that the Department of Environmental Conservation ban on open burning is now in effect through May 15. For all regulations on open outdoor burning visit

Correction officer recruitment effort announced

GREENPORT—To make Columbia County residents aware of upcoming civil service tests, Sheriff David P. Bartlett has initiated a new program to inform potential candidates about open employment possibilities in the Sheriff’s Office.

A recruitment effort has been mounted ahead of an upcoming correction officer civil service test to be held April 12. To obtain information on upcoming civil service tests in Columbia County, contact Columbia County Civil Service through the county website, or call 518 828-6622.

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