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Firefighters complete training classes


GREENPORT—The Columbia County Fire Coordinators Office announces the following recent fire training classes and graduates.

*Louis Godfroy and Michael Stelling provided direction for an apparatus operator pump held at the Claverack Fire Department. Attendees included: Travis Keeler, Kevin Keyser, Kyle Franceschi, Peter Cinchetti, Chad Hawver, Nicholas Proper, Alan Gearin, Sean Ellman, John Gallant, Jr., Chad Kilmer, Gregory Klima, Michael Burgazoli, Donald Coons, Jr., and Arthur McGuire.

*Claverack Fire Department also hosted apparatus operator emergency vehicle class with instructors Wayne Gearing and Mr. Stelling. Graduates included: Martin Baumgold, Jesse Bender, Paula Cavaluzzi, Connor Daly, Kyle Franceschi, Kyle Gregg, Chad Hawver, William Hunt, Travis Keeler, Kevin Keyser, Michael Mortenson, Nicholas Proper, Joshua Schuster, Andrew Smith, Christopher Steadman and Bryan Vandenburgh.

*Columbia County Sherriff David Harrison, Jr., and Deputy David Proper administered a fire police school at the Valatie Fire Department. Completing the seven sessions were: Yoon S. Chung, David Stillman, Frank Langdon, Sarah Langdon, Frederick Zito, Ryan O’Dowd, Karyn Johnson, Allen Weaver, John Gallant, Jr., Francis Iaccino, Kevin Tompkins, Karen Loeffler, Brandon Sherman, Phillip Martel, Anthony Bashford, Desiree Walthour, Zach Usyk, Phillip Bickerton, Chevett Ortiz, Janet Shumsky, Dana Jonas, Wilford Corbin, Gary Flaherty, Tammy Flaherty, Gary Wood, Nathan Chess and Michael Bortugno.


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