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Police: Man stole $10K from 92-year-old


GREENPORT–Livingston State Police charged three people in connection with stealing more than $10,000 in cash from a 92-year-old grandmother.

Bradlee Moore, 19, of Hudson was charged with third degree grand larceny, a class D felony, September 20; Crystal Wolfe, 22, and James Rodegerdts, 24, both of Hudson were each charged with criminal possession of stolen property, a class D felony, September 23.

According to State Police Investigator Kelly Taylor, Mr. Moore is a certified nurse’s assistant, who was taking care of a 31-year-old disabled man in the man’s home. The man’s mother and grandmother also live in the house.

While at the house, Mr. Moore allegedly found the cache of cash and took it.

Not wanting to be caught with the money on him, said Inv. Taylor, Mr. Moore allegedly called his friends, Ms. Wolfe and Mr. Rodegerdts, to come and get the money from him at the home and hold on to it for him until later.

The grandmother, whose money was taken, noticed that the money was missing while Mr. Moore was at the house and told her daughter about it, who then called police, said the investigator.

Police only recovered about $8,800 of the missing cash from Ms. Wolfe and Mr. Rodegerdts. They spent the rest of it on lottery tickets, Inv. Taylor said.

Mr. Moore was arraigned in Greenport Court before Justice Robert Brenzel and was sent to jail in lieu of $5,000 cash bail or $10,000 bail bond.

Ms. Wolfe and Mr. Rodegerdts were arraigned before Hudson City Court Judge Richard Koweek and released on their own recognizance pending a return court date.

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