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3 in home invasion case face more charges


HUDSON–Three of the five people allegedly involved in a January 12 home invasion at a residence on County Route 17 in North Chatham were indicted on additional charges in connection with that crime and others in Columbia County Court, February 7.

Christopher L. Anderson, 24, of Ghent; Jeremy Bost, 22, of Ghent and Joshua Spencer, 28, of Hudson were initially all charged with first degree conspiracy to commit burglary, a class E felony.

The grand jury indictment adds nine counts: four counts of first degree burglary, one count of robbery, one count of first degree robbery, one count of second degree burglary, two counts of second degree criminal possession of a weapon and one count of third degree criminal possession of a weapon.

All three men are charged with the additional nine counts with the exception of Mr. Spencer, who is not included in the third degree criminal possession of a weapon charge, which alleges that the two men possessed a firearm.

In a press conference following the arraignment, District Attorney Paul Czajka noted that through the cooperative efforts of the Sheriff’s Office and State Police, the three men are alleged to have been involved in other burglaries in Kinderhook. The new charges relate to the unlawful entry of dwellings and remaining inside to commit a crime while armed.

In the case of the North Chatham home invasion, the DA said the suspects entered the house, which they picked at random and thought was unoccupied, with two guns: one loaded and the other unloaded. The homeowners, who were asleep when the suspects entered, later awoke to noises, confronted the intruders, one of whom displayed a handgun and then departed. Their vehicle was subsequently stopped on County Route 28 in Niverville and two illegal handguns were recovered.

The three men pleaded not guilty and remain in jail without bail. Their trail date is June 11.

The two women, Katrina Lewis, 19, and Shavancye Anthony-Lewis, 18, both of Hudson, initially charged in the case, were not included in the indictment.

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