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Austerlitz Board starts the year looking at audits



AUSTERLITZ–Town Supervisor Robert Lagonia and Town Clerk Susan Haag run a tight ship at town meetings along with Deputy Town Supervisor Greg Vogler, and board members Christopher Schobt, Cara Humphrey, and Ken Kaplan. At the January 18 meeting the board went over audits and financial schedules.

Supervisor Robert Lagonia and Town Clerk Susan Haag at the town’s January meeting. Photo by Peter Flierl

Highway Superintendent Peter Fitzpatrick reported on cleanup and tree trimming brought about by recent storms. His crew of 5 is responsible for all 61.7 miles of town roads, which include 50 unpaved, dirt roads, typical of rural communities. The Highway Fund is $2,315,000.

Supervisor Lagonia highlighted ongoing issues of connectivity with both Verizon and AT&T cell phone service and towers, and its impact on emergency medical services and fire service. Mr. Lagonia has one of each service, one personal and one town. Verizon has been adding towers, while AT&T has used existing water towers. Route 66 is a problem area.

The board discussed extension of a 9-month moratorium on special use permits. Plans will be made in February with a public hearing in March. Both the tax audit and town supervisor audit for 2023 should be completed in February.

During the period for public comment, Debbie Oleynek reported on regulation of camps and sports programs, including having AED (Automated External Defibrillator) equipment. Funds are needed to cover lifeguards next summer, approximately $500 to $700.

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