Sunny skies for 2nd day of Brinkerhoff race series


By Melanie Lekocevic

Capital Region Independent Media

Cyclists compete April 23 in the second day of competition in the Trooper David Brinkerhoff Memorial Race Series in Coxsackie and Athens. Melanie Lekocevic/Capital Region Independent Media

COXSACKIE — Mostly sunny skies greeted cyclists on the second of the two-day race series that makes its way through Coxsackie and Athens every spring.

It was a far cry from the first day of the race series held two weeks before.

The first day of the Trooper David Brinkerhoff Memorial Race Series was held April 9 and saw a steady downpour and dreary, chilly weather that made the race route more challenging than ever.

But day two of the two-day series, on April 23, was a different story.

Sunny skies and temperatures in the high 50s made for a much more pleasant ride for the dozens of cyclists who head to the area each spring.

The two-day series — considered a premiere early spring race in the Northeast — typically draws athletes from around the region and even as far as Canada.

Despite the weather, Day 1 of the race on April 9 drew over 100 cyclists, though many did not complete the route.

Field A — the most experienced group — was led by Chris Prendergast, who completed the loop in 2:23:13. He was followed by Liam Flannery and Daniel Nuzzo-Mueller, who tied for second place at 2:26:51, according to race results posted on

Cyclists in Field A ride the longest route at 62 miles.

The next group, Field B, rides a 50-mile loop. That race was won by Brian Oliver at 2:02:50. Coming in second and third place were Daniel Smith and Giorgio Valente, who completed the route in 2:04:14 and 2:05:18, respectively.

Athletes in Field C complete a 38-mile route and were led by Evan Boyle with a race time of 1:31:49, followed by Gregory Hoge at 1:34:32 and Stephen Owens at 1:34:33.

The women-only groups, Field D, complete a 38-mile route.

Field D: Women 4/5 saw first place won by Evan Kujawski with a race time of 1:48:47 and second place went to Annie Hines at 1:50:51.

Field D: Women P/1/2/3 was led by Katherine Rusch at 1:46:41, Caitrin Huysman at 1:50:46, and Caroline O’Dwyer at 1:50:47.

The second day of the race series, April 23, saw a three-way tie in Field A, with Curtis White, Cormac Daly and Michael Margarite tied at 2:22:02.

Field B was led on Day 2 by Turner French with a race time of 2:01:41, and a nine-way tie for second place at 2:01:49 by Peter Gunn, Charlie Stein, Giorgio Valente, Ryan O’Donnell, Brian Oliver, Paul Luttik, Kris Judd, Wyle Solomon and Steve Beaulieu.

The winning cyclist in Field C was Evan Boyle with a race time of 1:31:57, followed by Jacques Franey at 1:32:29, and a third place tie at 1:32:30 by Eziel Hernandez, Patrick Carney, Chris Dilallo, Justin Eichenlaub, Frederick Boehrer and William Kelley.

Field D: Women 4/5 saw a four-way tie for first place by Evan Kujawski, Lindsey White, Ellie Seery and Megan Kelly at 1:45:54, followed by a three-way tie by Carolyn McCann, Annabelle Malloy and Natalie Gulla at 1:45:56, with Camille Hove coming in third at 1:51:21.

Field D: Women P/1/2/3 was won by Lucie Vagnerova with a race time of 1:45:53, a second-place tie at 1:45:54 for Haylee Johnson, Camille Bergeron-Parent, and Roos Voorend. Third place was taken by Erica Adelberg and Michelle Pemberthy at 1:45:55.

The Trooper David Brinkerhoff Memorial Race Series was formerly known as the Johnny Cake Lane Spring Series and was renamed in 2007 in honor of state Trooper David Brinkerhoff, a Coxsackie resident who died in the line of duty at age 29 from a gunshot wound he sustained in a shootout with a suspect April 25, 2007.

Local roads are not closed for the race each year but traffic is briefly delayed as competitors pass through on the 12-mile loops. Racers ride in three to five laps, depending on experience and ability.

Racers line up in the parking lot at the Coxsackie-Athens High School campus before heading out on the route that spans Coxsackie and Athens. Funds raised from the event are donated to several local charitable organizations each year.

The race series is hosted by the Capital Bicycle Racing Club.

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