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Sports: Indians take tough loss to Riders, 81-44


By Melanie Lekocevic

Capital Region Independent Media

The RCS Indians fell to the Ichabod Crane Riders in a tough loss Friday 81-44. Melanie Lekocevic/Capital Region Independent Media

RAVENA-COEYMANS-SELKIRK — The RCS Indians fell to the Ichabod Crane Riders 81-44 in a home game Jan. 7.

The Indians fell behind in the early minutes of the first quarter and were never able to recover.

After the Indians tied the game at 6-6 with 4:44 to go in the first, the Riders scored 16 unanswered points to bring the score to 22-6 at the end of the first period, including a Riders two-pointer at the buzzer to end the quarter.

The second quarter was even tougher for the hometown squad, with the Indians scoring 12 points in the period to the Riders’ 26.

The Riders’ Brett Richards started off the second period with a basket, and the Indians’ Wyatt Algozzine took possession of the ball with 7:24 left in the second and was fouled taking a shot. Algozzine missed the first free throw but made the second, bringing the score to 25-7.

The Riders scored again, bringing the score to 27-7 with under seven minutes to go in the second.

The two teams then traded three-pointers, bringing the score to 30-10. Another Indians basket would bring the score to 30-12 with 5:10 left in the half.

The Riders responded with 10 unanswered points in the next two minutes of play, for a 40-12 score.

After a timeout, the Indians’ Captain Xavier Bermudez drove the ball down the court but missed the basket, with the Riders rebounding and Dylan McCrudden getting fouled on a shot attempt with 2:22 to go in the second. McCrudden made both free throws to bring the score to 42-12.

The Indians’ Jack McFerran responded with a two-pointer for a 42-14 score. The Riders scored another four points before Indian Jack Reif was fouled with 29 seconds on the clock and made the shot.

The Riders would finish the second quarter as they ended the first, with a successful shot at the buzzer for Alex Schmidt to end the first half at Riders 48, Indians 18.

The halftime break proved good for the Indians as the team came out of the gate strong. Algozzine scored on the team’s first possession to bring the score to 48-21. That was followed by a two-pointer for Bermudez and another for Ryan Southworth.

The Indians would score eight unanswered points to lead off the third period

After an unsuccessful Riders’ drive down the court, Indian Jayden McClellan would get fouled taking a shot. He missed the first free throw but made the second for a 48-25 score with 5:20 to go in the third.

Riders’ Daniel Warner would be fouled on a shot attempt and make the Riders’ first score in the third period on a free throw. He missed the second, leaving the score at 49-25.

The Indians and Riders would trade baskets over the next two minutes to bring the score to 57-31 Riders with 1:50 left in the third.

Reif would be fouled under the basket with 1:12 left in the third and make one of two free throws. The Riders’ Schmidt made a successful shot at the buzzer, ending the quarter with the Riders up 62-34.

The third quarter would prove the most successful for the Indians, outscoring the Riders 16-14 in the period.

But the Riders came out strong in the fourth period, scoring 19 to the Indians’ 10. The Riders’ Brett Richards would make the first score of the quarter on a successful free throw but missed the second, for a 63-34 score.

Reif would score the Indians’ first point of the period after getting fouled under the basket with 7:22 left in the fourth. Reif made one of two free throws for a score of 63-35.

The Indians’ Jack McFerran made a two-pointer with 6:30 left in the game, but the Riders’ Brett Richards responded with a basket of his own and an extra point to bring the score to 66-37 with 6:33 left.

The Riders would score another 10 points to the Indians’ three before the Indians’ Elijah Mason was fouled and made both free throws, with the Riders up 76-42.

The two teams traded baskets in the waning two minutes of the game before the final buzzer sounded with the Riders 81, Indians 44.

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