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Positively Speaking: The dream thief


By Toby Moore

For Capital Region Independent Media

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Toby Moore

The dream thief is a cunning adversary lurking in the shadows, ready to strike at any stage.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey, midway through, or standing on the cusp of fulfillment, the dream thief waits, poised to sow doubt and derail determination.

Recognizing the dream thief, in its many guises, could be the key to keeping your dream firmly in your grasp.

At the inception of your dream, you’ll feel excitement mixed with uncertainty. You’ll sketch plans, cultivate ideas, and think about what you must do to lay the foundation for your vision.

You may be preparing to launch a business, write a novel, or embark on a life-changing career. Yet this stage, although exciting, is fertile ground for dream-killing doubts.

Friends and family may even feed those doubts, seemingly disguised as concern and well-intended advice. If you listen, you’ll start to procrastinate and make excuses. You’ll wonder if it’s all just a pipe dream.

Standing firm in this stage requires belief in your vision and the courage to pursue it despite others’ skepticism.

Your work ethic and ability to maintain discipline during all stages will help fend off the dream thief, especially in this early stage. If you find you’re not taking action, ask yourself why. Fear of failure? That’s merely the dream thief. Remember, the echoes of inaction ring far louder than the thud of a fall.

The middle stages are marked by progress and growing pains. Every day is a struggle, but things are taking shape, and you’re moving forward. Chapters fill the pages of your book, and your new career begins to blossom, but you’re still not there.

Those who you thought were on your side begin to complain. They’ve become impatient, too much time has elapsed, and you need to make more money. Your allies begin to resemble foes as they force you to question it all and pressure you to make decisions you don’t want to make. They urge you to settle, try to sell out, and insist you give it all up before it’s too late.

Resilience is crucial in this phase. Recognizing that the dream thief can take the form of criticism and often only reflects others’ limitations rather than your potential can be the key to your sanity during this phase.

Keep pushing; you’ll find you’re growing and expanding. Revenue is beginning to flow; opportunities multiply; dreams edge closer to reality. Ironically, even success can breed negativity as competitors may attempt to undermine your confidence.

Remember, during expansion, balancing ambition with wisdom is critical. Listen to valid concerns but filter out mere negativity. Embrace constructive criticism while remaining true to your vision and always stay vigilant; at this stage, fear of success may creep in. That’s the dream thief again. Don’t fear what’s coming; embrace it.

Eventually, a dream reaches its natural conclusion. It might be time to sell the business, write a different book, or take a new turn in your career. You and those around you will question your decision to move on.

Even at this late stage, the dream killer can rear its ugly head, this time at the fear of letting go. Understanding when to transition is a deeply personal choice. If the time has come, let it go, surround yourself with those who appreciate your journey and support your evolving dreams.

Guarding against the dream thief is a continuous battle fought at every stage of your journey. It is a lifelong task to recognize its many faces. Embrace the challenges, believe in your vision, stand firm against negative influences, and move forward with courage.

Your dreams are yours to achieve, and nobody can steal your destiny unless you give it to them. Keep vigilant, fill yourself with courage and unyielding faith.

The dream thief lurks at every corner, but you have the power to defeat it. Will you succumb to doubt, fear, complacency and criticism, or will you rise above and seize your dreams with both hands?

The choice is yours, and the path is waiting. Arm yourself with wisdom and determination, and step into your destiny. Your dreams are not just figments of your imagination; they are calls to greatness.

Toby Moore is a columnist, the star of Emmy-nominated “A Separate Peace,” and the CEO of Cubestream Inc.

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