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News from the Past in Memory of Harry A. Sturges

In memory of Harry A. Sturges

News Herald – September 14, 1923 – F.E. Bleezarde, Publisher


  • Large crowds have been attracted to the village of Coeymans this week by the presence of the Firemen’s Carnival and Outdoor Bazaar, which had been in progress since Tuesday night. Folks have been coming from all directions, and the fund of Coeymans Hose Co. will be a good sized one after the end of the two weeks’ stay, which the company will make at Blauvelts Point in Coeymans.
  • G.H. Shafer’s store and residence in Main Street is being improved by a coat of fresh paint.
  • It is hoped by residents of this village that the “Deeper Hudson Movement,” which is again being agitated, will meet with better success than the previous efforts, and that something will be accomplished this time that will cause the river to be deepened so that ocean going vessels can reach Albany, and that Coeymans may once again enjoy the advantages of river transportation.
  • An airplane that took up passengers for a sightseeing trip drew a large crowd to Eugene Gallup’s farm north of this village on Sunday afternoon. The plane was well patronized.
  • The Ladies Aid Society of the M.E. church will hold their annual chicken pie supper in the chapel of the church on Wednesday, Oct. 10.


  • Water rents are now due, so are the school taxes. William V. Roberts is the school tax collector.
  • Everything is ready for the seventh annual clam bake of the Ravena Grange, which will be held at the home of W.E. McCulloch tomorrow afternoon.
  • A masquerade dance will be held at Finke’s Pavilion on Wednesday evening, Sept. 19.

$10 in prizes will be given, $5 for the best costume and $5 for the funniest outfit. Finke’s well-known orchestra will furnish the music.

  • Harry Van Hoesen, treasurer of the Ravena-Coeymans Post, No. 841 of the American Legion, has been chosen delegate to the New York state convention of the Legion, which is being held at Saratoga this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  • Quite a number of local folks observed the eclipse of the sun on Monday, when the use of film and smoked glass was brought into play in the late afternoon. The eclipse was very plain, and the clear sky gave observers an unobstructed view of the passage of the dark object over the face of the brilliant orb in the celestial world.

Coeymans Herald – September 12, 1888 – S.H. & E.J. Sherman, Proprietors

  • Blodgett & Niles have received two cargoes of coal and are expecting another one shortly.
  • The building boom still continues and carpenters say they will be kept busy for some time yet.
  • There were several disturbances downtown Saturday night by men too drunk to hurt each other.
  • J. Hoose has purchased a building lot of Carhart & Minnock, and Geo. Traver has purchased several of A.J. Wolfe.
  • Mr. Wm. H. Colvin and his two daughters sailed last week for Berlin, Germany, where the Misses Colvin will remain to complete their education.
  • We are informed that several beautiful cottages are to be erected on the site formerly occupied by the old tin shop and storehouse, which were destroyed by fire.
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