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News from the Past in Memory of Harry A. Sturges

In memory of Harry A. Sturges

News Herald – August 3, 1923 – F.E. Bleezarde, Publisher


  • Movie pictures have been discontinued at Junior Order Hall during the month of August.
  • Miss Dell Civill and nephews Acton and Edgo Civill of Northfield, Massachusetts, are stopping at the Civill-Bailey homestead on Church Street.
  • Benjamin Smith and his sister, Mrs. Percy Wolfe, and Mr. and Mrs. W. Winne Holmes of this village and Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo VanWie of Elsmere enjoyed an auto trip to Bennington, Vermont, in Mr. Smith’s auto Sunday.
  • An automobile fitted up as a traveling dwelling house was coming down Westerlo Street Monday afternoon when the brakes refused to hold. In shifting gears, the machinery was broken, and the car had to remain here several days for repair parts to arrive.
  • Harry G. Traver left on Wednesday with a contingent of 124 men of Albany and nearby cities and towns for the Citizen’s Military Training camp at Plattsburg, where under the command of Colonel C.D. Roberts of the 26th infantry, they will be instructed in military tactics and infantry drill.


  • Baseball for boys and young men. That is good news. The proposition which has been started is to lay out a diamond in Mosher Park on Winne Avenue. The matter has been brought before President VanHoesen and Trustee Stott and both men were favorable to the idea. The park belongs to the village and was accepted for recreational purposes.
  • The Ravena Band will play in Albany on Sunday and Monday in connection with the celebration of the Feast of St. Marie Delle Grazie by the Italian-American citizens of Albany. The local band will play with the Victor Emmanuel Band of New York City in Lincoln Park, Albany on the 7th.
  • The village board met last Thursday night and Admiral T.J. Cowie was present. The sewer and water proposition in the new section was discussed and a very amicable understanding was the result. The village board and the admiral, as the result of the meeting, were better able to understand conditions under which both parties are working, and a very satisfactory agreement was made for the continuance of improvement, which the board started a couple of weeks ago.
  • There will be a two-feature program at Community Hall on Saturday night when a four-reel picture entitled “The Four Seasons” will be shown, and a Harold Lloyd comic entitled “A Sailor Made Man” will top off the evening’s entertainment.
  • A daughter, Beryl Winifred, was born to Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Baker in the Albany City Hospital on Saturday last. This is the first child born to the pastor of the Christian church in this village.

Coeymans Herald – August 1, 1888 – S.H. & E.J. Sherman, Proprietors

  • The Rev. H.P. Craig occupied the pulpit of the M.E. church last Sabbath and the Rev. A.T. Civill, the pulpit of the Reformed church.
  • Warren H. Wolfe picked ripe tomatoes off vines in his garden Saturday. These are the first we have heard of this season, in this section.
  • The following delegates to the first assembly district Republican convention from this town were elected Monday: R.S. Blodgett, John L. Whitbeck, H.B. Shear, William Cole, Jr.
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