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Helping Harvest offers low-cost produce thanks to Seymour Fox Memorial Foundation

Helping Harvest, a low-cost grocery store program in Ravena, offers fresh produce and other foods to low-income families. Courtesy of Pexels

RAVENAStruggling families have access to deeply discounted fresh produce at Helping Harvest, a low-cost grocery store program, thanks to the Seymour Fox Memorial Foundation.

Hope Full Life Center, the charity that manages Helping Harvest, applied to the foundation last year for assistance with this large food expense. The program serves only low-income families.

“Our goal is to ensure Helping Harvest members have plenty of access to very low-cost fresh produce to increase nutrition,” said Rebecca Flach, executive director of Hope Full Life Center. “We’re able to offer a larger quantity and greater selection of produce with the support of the Seymour Fox Memorial Foundation.”

Low-income families spend more of their income on basic necessities and have less flexibility to make alternative choices as prices creep up, according to a November 2022 report by UC Davis. This threatens these households’ ability to purchase healthy foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, which cost more and have a shorter shelf life.

Now Helping Harvest members can pick up straight-from-the-farm, low-cost cucumbers, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini and other vegetables and fruits. The funding through Seymour Fox Memorial Foundation continues throughout 2023. The produce comes from Blackhorse Farms, located in Coxsackie.

A not-for-profit, Hope Full Life Center provides a helping hand, not a hand out, to improve life for its neighbors. The organization carries out this mission through Helping Harvest, a food assistance program that provides deeply discounted groceries and encourages community mindedness. Learn more at

The Seymour Fox Memorial Foundation, Inc. is a private 501(c)(3) charitable foundation that provides funding to public charities. Learn more at

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