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Firearms hunting season open in northern, southern zones

Hunting season is in full swing, and it’s a great time to make memories with loved ones, according to the DEC. Contributed photo

ALBANY — Hunting season, and particularly deer season, evokes many feelings for hunters across New York, according to the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

With the firearms seasons now open in both the northern and southern zones, hunters are once again enjoying the beauty of the state’s fields and forests, pursuing white-tailed deer.

Deer are by far the most popular game animal in the state, and over 550,000 people buy licenses each year for an opportunity to hunt them. Hunters from all walks of life will be out looking to fill freezers and capture memories.

Some hunters will be headed to a tent camp in the state’s wilderness areas or staying with family in a simple cabin on a few acres in farm country. Some hunters will be trying to get a deer in the few hours they have between work shifts and others will be taking advantage of the precious few weekends during the season. Some hunters will be entering their first deer seasons and others will be living their last.

Irrespective of where you hunt or how you hunt, regardless of whether you hold out for a larger buck or take the first deer you see, it’s important to enjoy yourself and others around you, according to DEC. While the deer may be the main attraction, it’s the people and places you experience that create the memories that stick with us.

If you listen to enough “huntin’” stories, you’ll quickly realize that giant bucks and groaning meat poles are often not the main characters in the tale!

Slow down, be safe, follow established hunting regulations, and be in the moment, according to the DEC. Hunting is more than filling a tag and DEC hopes you have a great season regardless of how you choose to experience it.

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