Olk Klaverack Santaa

Whose slide are they on?

The ice was thick enough on Sunday, January 23 in the Athens channel, between the City of Hudson and Town of Athens in Greene County, for some ice sailing. The Hudson River Ice Yacht Club (http://www.hriyc.org/) informally meets with their ice yachts when weather permits. The club has been around since 1880 and many of the boats, about 50, are over 100 years old. The owner of the “Vixen” (from 1885) Reid Bielenberg, of Hudson, told The Columbia Paper when asked for comment after the event, “You have to have about perfect ice”—at least seven inches thick—to be out and that too much snow is not good for ice boating. The club will be out again next weekend as long as conditions are right. Photo by Lance Wheeler
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