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Villagers and visitors show support for Ukraine

Friday, February 24 marked a year since the Russian army rolled into Ukraine, initiating an invasion that, rather than being concluded in a few days, has bogged down in a morass of attrition warfare. The anniversary was marked with a vigil on the village green in Chatham. Dozens of people, buttoned up against a frigid wind, gathered and held signs. The event was co-sponsored by Ukraine Solidarity-Albany and Rivers & Mountains GreenFaith. In attendance was Olena Lake. She held signs reading “Solidarity with Ukraine” and “Russia! Out of Ukraine!!! Now!!!” She is from Kyiv and lives in Albany. She has family and friends in Ukraine including friends fighting on the front lines. “It is very important that they know that they are not alone,” she told The Columbia Paper, “and that they know they are supported here.” Photo by David Lee
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