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Village: Developer to submit new site plan for Coxsackie hotel project


By Melanie Lekocevic

Capital Region Independent Media

A new site plan will be submitted to the Coxsackie planning board after work was stopped on the 40-room boutique hotel on South River Street. File photo

COXSACKIE — The developer of the South River Street Development project is expected to submit a new site plan for the project by April 11.

Work on the multi-million-dollar project was halted March 27 after the village board issued a stop-work order indicating the building permit had expired and that there were components of the project that “are not in compliance with the village code and/or the planning board approved site plan,” according to a statement from the board March 27.

Among the issues with the project is the height of the hotel building does not conform with the original site plan, according to the statement.

Mayor Mark Evans read another statement at the board’s April 4 organizational meeting outlining how the village will proceed.

“The village board is committed to working with our counsel and we are slowly piecing together a timeline and understanding of events and approvals and oversight of the Downtown Hotel/Event Center Project,” Evans read. “We should have all of this information together soon.”

The engineer handling the project has been in contact with the village and expects to submit a new site plan at the village planning board’s next meeting April 21, which requires the submission to be made by April 11, according to the village board.

“Once a new site plan is submitted for review and a complete list of issues to be addressed is compiled we are committed to holding a public forum with the village board, planning board, code enforcement officer, engineers and our attorney,” Evans said. “We will review any mistakes that were made, safeguards to be put in place, review and understand the issues that need to be addressed and our attorney can review the proper legal path forward.”

Code Enforcement Officer Michael Ragaini was not reappointed at the Monday organizational meeting, “but will remain under state law until a decision is made by the village board when we have all the facts,” Evans said.

The developer, Aaron Flach, has said he will work with the village.

“We look forward to bringing this redevelopment of formerly empty buildings to completion with its associated 50+ construction jobs, 38+ full-time jobs and its expanded opportunities for families to enjoy dining, events and overnight accommodations at our stunning waterfront location,” Flach said.

The Newbury Hotel is slated to be a 40-room boutique hotel on South River Street in downtown Coxsackie.

Renovation of the long-vacant building, along with construction of the event center behind it, The Wire, is the first phase of a multi-year construction project in downtown Coxsackie projected to cost just over $10 million. The project was awarded a $2 million grant by the state’s Regional Economic Development Council to support a portion of the cost of renovating the two buildings.

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