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Three supes balk at raise for Pine Haven chief


HUDSON–­­The Columbia County Board of Supervisors voted last week to increase the salary of the administrator of the Pine Haven Nursing Home to $100,000 a year.

It was one of many resolutions the board passed at its meeting Wednesday, February 10, though most of the other resolutions were adopted unanimously with no discussion. The Pine Haven salary resolution, however, led two supervisors to abstain and one to vote No. The Rev. Edward Cross (D­Hudson, 2nd Ward) and William Hughes (D-Hudson, 4th Ward) abstained. Voting No was Raymond Staats (D-­Clermont).

The resolution states reasons for the salary increase include that the Pine Haven administrator “has successfully assisted in getting the Nursing Home to become profitable and removed it from a negative deficit.”

“I feel it’s a premium employee. He can get more money, but not at county expense,” Supervisor Hughes told his colleagues.

“How about Premier kicking in?” he asked.

Premier Healthcare Management, LLC, is the private company that has an agreement to buy the Pine Haven Nursing Home from the county for $6.5 million. The company is based in Great Neck, NY, and owns several healthcare facilities around the region.

“I don’t think we should pay an additional salary to someone who’s not going to be our employee for long,” Mr Staats said. “That’s paying for the other company’s employee. He’s been asking for a raise for a year. He came on when we decided to sell Pine Haven.”

Pine Haven administrator David Herskowitz could not be reached this week before press deadline.

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