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Tentative budget shows 3.17% tax increase


By Melanie Lekocevic

Capital Region Independent Media

The tentative tow budget shows an increase of 3.17% in the tax rate. Courtesy of Pexels

COEYMANS — The town’s tentative budget for 2023 has been released and is showing a 3.17% increase in town taxes in the general fund.

The tentative budget is under review and will go through several iterations before the final budget is voted on by the town board in November.

Under the tentative budget, $2,912,892 has been allocated to the general fund, an increase of $84,859 compared to the 2022 budget.

In the general fund, $1,655,557 would be raised by taxes.

For taxpayers, if approved as is, the tentative budget would mean an increase of $0.09 for every $1,000 of the assessed value of the property, which is under the state mandated tax cap, according to Town Supervisor George McHugh.

A property assessed at $150,000 would see a tax increase of $13.50 for the year.

Under the tentative budget, the town supervisor and town council members would not see a salary increase in 2023. The town supervisor would earn $45,000 per year and each member of the town council would receive $12,500.

Other elected town positions would see salary hikes under the tentative budget, with each of the two town justices paid $25,000, up from $23,000 last year; the town clerk’s salary would rise from $50,500 to $52,000; and the highway superintendent would be paid $61,500, an increase from $60,000 in 2022.

McHugh said in his annual budget message that the tentative budget is prudent and fiscally conservative.

“This budget as proposed is balanced, protects taxpayers and provides for vital services to our residents such as public safety, emergency management services, quality of life initiatives, park improvements and contingency planning, all while maintaining flexibility in case of any unforeseen circumstances,” McHugh said.

He added that the town’s ongoing capital improvement projects, such as renovations at Coeymans Landing Park and Joralemon Park, and the town’s broadband expansion that will bring high-speed internet services to residents on Starr and Bushendorf roads, will be funded through revenue sources other than town taxes, including American Rescue Plan Act funds, a stipend from the state Attorney General’s Office, and a grant from the state’s Environmental Facilities Corporation.

Budget workshops are ongoing and the preliminary budget is expected to be approved in late October. Following a public hearing on the preliminary budget, the town council is expected to adopt a 2023 budget in mid-November.

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