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Local Ocean, ready to pull plug, keeps fish alive


GREENPORT–An officer from the state Department of Environmental Conservation Police inspected Local Ocean Monday afternoon, August 12. The factory fish farm recently laid off most of its employees but the fish tanks filled with fish remain at the site.State Environmental Conservation Police Officer Jeff W. Cox (l) confers with Greenport Supervisor John Porecca at the Local Ocean fish farm, which has laid off most of its workforce. Photo by Lance Wheeler.

Environmental Conservation Police Officer Jeff Cox told newsman and photojournalist Lance Wheeler Monday that his visit was a follow up to a similar visit to the plant on Route 9 south of Hudson last Friday. He said that the fish had been fed and oxygen has been provided to the water tanks where the fish are raised. Mr. Cox said wants an “exit” plan if the business goes under financially.

Greenport Town Supervisor John Porreca said that Local Ocean’s growth manager told him told him that the company was trying to work with new investors interested in maintaining and growing the facility.


Nineteen people are said to have lost their jobs as a result of the company’s financial problems. A skeleton staff remains to feed and otherwise care for the fish. Mr. Porreca said he hoped the fish would not die before either a plan to dispose of them or relocate the operation had been developed. The supervisor said he had received calls from people interested in the business.


The building housing Local Ocean is reportedly in foreclosure and is scheduled to be auctioned Tuesday, August 20 on the steps of the County Courthouse.

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