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All school budgets in county pass easily


GHENT–Budgets passed comfortably in all six school districts in Columbia County. Voters also approved a handful of propositions that generated little opposition, with several funded by existing reserves rather than new borrowing.

None of the districts in the county exceeded the tax cap set by the state and one district, Germantown, showed a decrease in spending compared to the current year.

Despite the support voters showed for the budgets, some educators and school officials have warned recently that districts continue to depend on their reserve funds to keep tax levies within state limits and when those funds are depleted school boards will face a new round of deep cuts to staff and programs.

In the Ichabod Crane Central School District an incumbent, Regina Rose, was defeated. In Taconic Hills, which had three open seats on the board and no candidates qualified for the ballot, but three write-in candidates were elected.
Below are the results supplied by the districts. The vote counts for candidates in the Hudson City School District were not available as of press deadline Wednesday, but the winners are indicated along with their term length. All winning propositions and candidates are marked with “*”. –Parry Teasdale


Yes*  131
No  151

Board of Ed (4 seats open)
Muriel Faxon* 394
Craig Simmons* 355
Gail Behrens Day* 314
Melony Spock*  330

(Muriel Faxon and Craig Simmons will be sworn in immediately for the remainder of the 2012-13 school year. Muriel Faxon, Craig Simmons and Melony Spock will serve the 3-year terms through June 30, 2016, and Gail Behrens-Day will serve for one year until June 30, 2014, filling the unexpired term created by the resignation of Francis Iaconetti.)

Prop #1: Student member of board
Yes* 420
No*  60

Yes 285
No  83

Board of Ed (1 seat open)
Donald Coons  138
Tammi Kellenbenz  229

Yes*  614
No* 431

Board of Ed (2 seats open-5 yr. and 2 yr.))
Jaclyn Rose Bruntfield
Joseph E. Carr
Scott diMonda
Tiffany Martin Hamilton* (5-yr. term)
Lynn Lee* (2-yr. term)

No* 703

Board of Ed (3 seats open)
Kyle Aschenbrenner* 908
Tricia Gerkman* 953
Regina Rose 885
Anthony Welcome*  1,202

Prop #2. Borrow $376,000 to
buy 6 school buses
Yes* 971
No* 663

Yes  231
No  53

Board of Ed (3 seats open)
Martha Esposito* 175
Tim Lambert*  172
Alexis McDonald  97
Sharon Putnam*  172
Raymond Sowalski  121

Prop #2. $1.2M Capital project
Yes  202
No  75

Yes* 352
No* 101

Board of Ed (3 seats open)
Robert Piper*  110
Kevin Meisenbacher*  106
Donald McComb* 69

Prop #2. Purchase van for $46,352
Yes* 333
No  107

Prop #3.: Student member of board
Yes*  337
No  94

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