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Saland, Molinaro host economic event Wednesday


GREENPORT–Senator Steve Saland (R-41st) and Assemblyman Marcus J. Molinaro (R-103rd) will hold an Economic Development Roundtable Wednesday, March 24, from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. in Room 612 in the Professional Academic Center (PAC) on the campus of Columbia-Greene Community College on Route 23.

Approximately 25 local business leaders will join the hosts to discuss such topics as what the state can do for its businesses; what tools the state currently provides are working and what can be improved; what else the state should be doing to help businesses create jobs and expand.

“The key to New York’s economic recovery is helping businesses grow. When New York’s businesses are healthy and thriving, they create jobs. When people are working they access fewer government services, and sales and income tax revenues go up; the State prospers when business prospers,” Sen. Saland said in a press release.

Assemblyman Molinaro, in the same release, said that the state taxes and regulates small businesses too much, which he said makes it difficult for those businesses to survive. He said roundtable discussions allow him to hear from local business leaders and develop reform measures.



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