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Chatham voters approve two ballot propositions


CHATHAM—School district residents voted overwhelmingly Tuesday, January 12, to approve two ballot propositions in a special referendum. The approval allows the district to spend just over $5 million on repairs and upgrades to all three school buildings and to install new lights for the athletic field.

Proposition 1, the main spending plan for $4.2 million, was adopted with 395 Yes votes to 102 Nos.

Proposition 2, which authorizes the district to spend $320,000 on the new lights, won by a slightly closer but still convincing margin of 308 to 183.

The district will use a combination of funds from its capital reserve account, federal economic stimulus funds and state aid to pay for the work. As a result, the projects will have no impact on the district’s tax rate.

More information on the work covered by the propositions is at the district website, www.chathamcentralschools.com.






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