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Society meeting for (maybe?) the 200th time

Over the centuries the exact date for the first meeting of the Schodak, Stuyvesant, Kinderhook and Chatham Society for the Detection of Horse Thieves has been revised. It might have been 1805 or 1807 or 1827. Then at the 1955 meeting, documents were produced that indicate that the group was formed in 1823, which makes this year’s meeting on February 4 at Jackson’s the 200th convening of the society. Nobody seems to know if a stolen horse was ever actually returned by the organization, but a group of riders would have always be designated. They must have a good horse at the ready to chase down any perpetrator. Pictured (center) at the meeting is Congressman Marc Molinaro (R-19th) as he made a bid to become a new member of the society. At the top table are Society President Abram Vanalstyne (l) and President and Founder of Equine Advocates Susan Wagner (far l). Ms. Wagner attended the meeting to talk about horse rescue facility in Chatham. She emphasized the organization’s mission of education in the humane guardianship of horses. Photo by David Lee
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