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School funds expert Jesse Boehme will exit Hudson

Hudson City School District Jesse Boehme (l), seen here with Superintendent Lisamarie Spindler, has announced he is taking the business post at Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central School District. Photo by Jeanette Wolfberg

HUDSON—“I really have enjoyed working at the Hudson City School District,” said its outgoing Business Administrator Jonathan “Jesse” Boehme. “Everybody I work with is great. Great administrators. Great teachers. A piece of me will stay part of Hudson,” he said.

Mr. Boehme is planning to leave the Hudson City School District (HCSD) in January after three years as its business administrator to take the same position with the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central School District, where he lives and his children can attend.

He said he has enjoyed working with current Hudson Superintendent, Dr. Lisamarie Spindler, and her her predecessor, Dr. Maria L. Suttmeier, as well as the Board of Education. “We’ve done a lot for the community. I thank the board for allowing me to serve the HCSD,” he said.

A native of Valatie, Mr. Boehme graduated from Chatham High School. He studied accounting and got degrees from Mount St. Mary College in Newburgh and St. Rose College in Albany, deciding to apply his expertise to education in order to get “involved in the decision making” for schools his own children could attend. He served as treasurer for the Chatham Central School District and business administrator for the Germantown Central School District before coming to the HCSD as business administrator in February 2020.

Just weeks after he started in Hudson, the pandemic crisis hit. Everybody had to make adjustments that challenged even the most experienced senior administrators. “Suddenly, we were working from home,” he recalled.

Now students come to school again, but “schools have changed, things will never be the same,” Mr. Boehme said. “We still do more meetings remotely.” But he said, “I think the kids have adapted.”

Mr. Boehme’s best experience in the HCSD, he said, was mentoring students. It was not something he had anticipated, but he found it rewarding.

Another role Mr. Boehme unexpectedly played was district director of transportation, because of staffing developments.

He decided to leave Hudson for Ravena, because it will be “a better situation for my family.” When he started at the HCSD, he lived in Chatham. Now he lives in Ravena, just a quarter mile from his new office. He has four children, two in school.

Asked for advise for his successor, Mr. Boehme said, “Try to get away from the desk and go out into the community.”

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