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School district budgets pass


CHATHAM—Voters approved school district budgets around Columbia County Tuesday, with none of the districts reporting contests on the proposals that could be described as close.

   Of the six districts in the county, four reported results to The Columbia Paper Tuesday evening. Results from the Ichabod Crane Central School District were not immediately available, but WTEN Channel 10 in Albany did put up partial results, and WNYT Channel 13 reported on Germantown. The results were as follows:



Budget adopted 542 to 301.

Jeannean Cheney received 475 votes for school board, John Wapner received 516. There were two seats available, but Dr. Wapner, the president of the board, will serve the longer of the terms.

The proposition for a student member of the board ex officio was adopted 608 to 201.



Results in this district were reported by WNYT, Channel 13.

Budget was adopted by a vote of 276 to 147

One school board was open. Lynn Clum won with 244 votes over Eric Mortenson, with 188.



Budget was adopted 681 to 484.

Patricia Abitable (822 votes) and Elizabeth Fout (644), the only two candidates, were elected.


Ichabod Crane

WTEN Channel 10 reports that the budget was adopted 902 to 607 and that the bus proposition was adopted, although no vote was given.


New Lebanon

Budget was adopted by a vote of 275 to 91.

There were two vacant seats but only one candidate on the ballot, Monique Wood, who received 280 votes. Tracy Bingham, a write-in candidate, received 37 votes and was elected.


Taconic Hills

Budget was adopted 540 to 245

Capital project was approved 405 to 356

Technology equipment proposition was adopted 525 to 247

Bus purchase was adopted 497 to 268

Two seats were up for election on the board and two candidates ran. Clifford Campbell received 559 votes; Harvey Weber received 485.


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