Rescuers come to aid of young deer


OLD CHATHAM—Columbia County 911 dispatched Tri-Village firefighters February 17 at 11:57 a.m. to a report of a deer through the ice. The incident was in a stream at the intersection of County Route 13 and Seven Bridges Road in the Town of Chatham.

Upon the arrival of Tri-Village Fire Chief Steven Rosen, bystanders had already gotten the deer out of the water. Those assisting the deer were Ella May Kibler-White, Bill Gleason and Will McMann.

It was reported by a neighbor that the deer was chased by two dogs and ended up going through the ice.

Environmental Conservation Officer Jeff Cox was called and responded to the scene.

Rescuers used blankets and a sleeping bag to dry and keep the deer warm. The small button buck was moved to a nearby barn to help in its recovery efforts.

Firefighters were back in service at 1:46 p.m. Despite the best efforts of all involved the deer died early the next morning.

Rescuers work on warming up a young buck that fell through the ice. Photos by RE Lindmark

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