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Ravena Cement Plant rebrands to join Holcim US family

Officials joined a ceremony rebranding the former Lafarge plant as Holcim Ravena. Contributed photo

RAVENA – State and local elected officials, members of the Southern Albany County business community, and area residents recently joined the Ravena cement plant’s leaders and workers to celebrate the official transition of the facility’s identity from Lafarge to Holcim US, the world’s number one building solutions provider and a global leader in the construction materials industry.

“We are pleased to announce, starting today, the Ravena cement plant will be known as Holcim Ravena,” said Plant Manager Dave MacLauchlin. “While the rebrand changes our name, it in no way changes our commitment to being a good neighbor and serving our customers, while being strongly focused on sustainability. We are the last plant manufacturing cement in New York. The state needs this product to construct whatever the future may hold for us, and at Holcim, we are committed to playing a key role in that journey.”

Representatives from the state Senate and Assembly were on hand to honor the plant, noting its significant role as the largest employer and largest property taxpayer in Southern Albany County and its completion in 2017 of a multimillion-dollar modernization project that made it a state-of-the-art facility.

“We’ve recognized the key component that this plant has been to Albany County and the Capital Region as a whole,” said Michael Perrin, a special assistant to state Senator Neil Breslin, D-Delmar. “We’re really pleased to see the renovations at this plant, which tell me that you’re going to be here a long, long time, you’re going to enjoy a great deal of success and now under the Holcim branding, we’re going to continue to work with you, the Holcim employees and the company that are involved with this great bedrock of the Albany County economy.”

Assemblyman Chris Tague, R-102, congratulated the plant and its employees on the new name. Contributed photo

“I’m no stranger to this plant or to the industry; this is where I came from,” said state Assemblyman Chris Tague, R-Schoharie. “I used to be the general manager at Cobleskill Stone Products. I’m no stranger to what you do. I know how hard you work. I know the commitment that you make to this company and the community. This company has been a great partner for the people of Ravena and this community and the people of Albany County. It is a great honor to stand here today and offer this citation to the Ravena cement plant.”

“None of this happens without the workers,” said Ravena Mayor Bill Misuraca. “I’m very pleased that you are here and part of our community. A lot of my family’s worked here, a lot of my friends. Congratulations and I hope you have another 60!”

Mayor Bill Misuraca, left, at the Holcim Ravena rebranding. Contributed photo

The Ravena plant has supported projects both locally and across the Northeast since 1962. It has contributed to such iconic landmarks such as One World Trade Center Memorial, the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, and the Giants Stadium.

Holcim US prioritizes innovation and is committed to making the world it builds greener, healthier, and more sustainable for all, according to the company . In support of that vision, the Ravena plant’s modernization project reduced major regulated emissions and enabled it to meet the most stringent environmental limits in the construction materials industry.

Holcim Ravena workers celebrate the rebranding of the local cement plant. Contributed photo

The Ravena plant employs 170 individuals, about 110 of whom are members of the United Steelworkers, District 4. It has the capacity to produce up to 2 million tons of cement annually and sits on roughly 3,500 acres in Southern Albany County.

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