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Moore retires, Franklin sworn in

New Hudson Police Chief Mishanda Franklin (l) taking the oath of office on Monday. Photo by David Lee

HUDSON – There was a historic changing of the guard at the Hudson Central Fire Station on Monday, May 22, as Lieutenant Mishanda Franklin took the oath of office as the city’s new Chief of Police. As Police Commissioner Shane Bower pointed out in his introduction, Chief Franklin will be the first woman of color to hold the post.

This came as former Police Chief L. Edward Moore announced his retirement after 10 years in that office. Having accumulated over 42 years of service in law enforcement to his credit, Chief Moore was duly celebrated by public safety personnel of every stripe and vintage as he ceremonially walked out of the police station at 701 Union Street on Friday, May 19, for the last time as its chief. His family stood with him and he thanked all of those who came to celebrate the moment.

When Chief Franklin took the oath of office at a ceremony on Monday morning, following introductions by Hudson Mayor Kamal Johnson and Commissioner Bower, she addressed the gathering, thanking the women in the Hudson Police Department and other public service organizations who had paved the way for her.

Chief Franklin has worked in law enforcement for 20 years, having been promoted through the ranks at HPD from officer to sergeant to lieutenant. She said, “As a lifetime resident here, I am committed to a better future that emphasizes public safety, police accountability, transparency, integrity and trustworthiness.”

“The past several years have been challenging ones for our profession,” Chief Franklin said, “but I am a firm believer that times of challenge provide opportunities for growth. Our mission to prevent crime and disorder, as well as to reduce the level of fear in the community is our core responsibility.”

However, as we as a department respond to change, and whether we are in favor of it or not, continues to be a question in our community. HPD has remained flexible, open minded and willing to listen to all in our community, the people we serve. We devote ourselves to working with community leaders to embrace changes in policing that we expect will build safer environments with more just practices.”

She continued, “Through the Police Accountability and Reconciliation Committee, we open an uncomfortable yet necessary dialogue around policing which has fostered positive relationships built around a common goal; an increase in community connection and trust.

“Acknowledging that policing as an institution is broken, and that there are biases, barriers and stereotypes which exist, validates the impact these issues have on our organizations and community. However it is equally important to acknowledge that recognizing these issues is not admitting fault. Rather it is the acceptance and understanding of the obligations the department has to be proactive in transforming these systems so that they rest on a foundation of equality, equity, diversion and inclusion.”

Chief Franklin addressed the members of the Hudson police department, pledging to properly train, equip and support them. “Each of you is our most important resource, and for this reason your wellness and mental health will be a priority.

Surrounded by his family, Chief Moore addressed the gathering in front of the Hudson Police Station. Photo by David Lee.

“In return I humbly ask that you trust that the decisions I will make are in the best interests of the department and the community.”

To the community she said community policing will be a priority, and she pledged accessibility and responsiveness. “In return I humbly request that you treat our officers with the respect they deserve as they serve the city of Hudson with patience and selflessness.”

“They are human,” she said, “and while it is true that putting on that uniform is much like putting on a suit of armor, armor can be pierced and cannot protect these incredible officers from the everyday stress they face.”

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