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Library, kids welcome 2023 with Noon Year’s Eve bash


By Melanie Lekocevic

Capital Region Independent Media

Local kids and the RCS Community Library welcomed 2023 a bit early this year. Melanie Lekocevic/Capital Region Independent Media

RAVENA — While the adults may have stayed up past midnight on Saturday to welcome 2023, for area kids, their big bash was on Friday.

The RCS Community Library hosted a “Noon Year’s Eve Party” on Friday beginning at 11:30 a.m. for the kiddos — and anyone else who wanted to join in — who couldn’t stay up until midnight to welcome the new year over the weekend.

More than a dozen families joined together in the library’s Community Room with Library Director Lisa Neuman, who presided over the holiday festivities.

Mary Fargo, of Westerlo, traveled to Ravena to celebrate the holiday and brought her three grandchildren — Lucy, Gabby and Emma Ferrusi — to take part in the New Year’s bash.

“I love this — I wish my library did something like this,” Fargo said. “I live in Westerlo and my grandchildren live here in Ravena, but I come down here quite often. They are having a great time here today.”

There were sweets and treats, party hats and noisemakers, music and dancing, and plenty of games to be had.

After posing for photos with their party hats in front of a giant “Happy New Year” sign, kids got down to the serious business of having fun, blowing through party favors in a race to push a small bead across the finish line.

Kids try out their noisemakers. Melanie Lekocevic/Capital Region Independent Media

The party gave youngsters the chance to celebrate a holiday that revolves around something they likely can’t do — staying up until midnight to welcome the new year.

“This is a fun activity,” said Jonathan Parker, who brought his two daughters, Ellie and Pria Parker. “They were looking forward to having a little party because they can’t stay up on New Year’s Eve, so they were definitely excited to come here and have some fun.”

Chelsea Manocchi, with her young sons Leo, 3, and Eli, 3 months, said the library has lots of great programming for the younger set.

“It’s nice of the library to do an event like this,” Manocchi said. “We love coming to the library — they have a lot of good programs for the kids.”

Her son, Leo, was looking forward to one aspect of the party in particular.

“I want to get cupcakes,” Leo said. “That’s my favorite.”

Looking ahead to 2023, the RCS Community Library has plenty of new activities and programs to look forward to.

Beginning this week on Jan. 4 at 6:30 p.m., a year-long series, “Happier in 2023: The Happiness Project,” will explore how anyone can have a happier 2023. If you missed the January program, check out the library’s website,, for more information about upcoming programs. Participation, available to teens and adults, can take place in person or virtually, and registration is required.

Lots of library activities await in the coming weeks and months, including Storytimes and Romp and Read for kids, a SOUPer Recipe Exchange for adults, book groups, arts and crafts programs, and more.

Visit for more information on upcoming programs in the new year.

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