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K’hook board, seeing life saved by AED, buys a new one


KINDERHOOK–The Village Board approved the purchase of an automated external defibrillator (AED) last Thursday, January 20. The board meeting, which is normally held on the second Wednesday of the month, was abruptly adjourned January 13 after village Code Enforcement Officer Glenn Smith collapsed and became unresponsive in the Village Hall about half an hour into the meeting.

State Police, who have an office in the Village Hall, were alerted by Village Clerk Nicole Heeder and responded to the emergency. They ended up needing an AED to revive Mr. Smith and there happened to be one at the clerk’s desk. Mr. Smith, who regained consciousness after the device was used, was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

Ms. Heeder said at the January 20 reconvened meeting that the Village Hall office does not have its own AED and that the one used to save Mr. Smith’s life just happened to be at her desk and is normally part of the emergency gear for the recreation program at the park sponsored by the village. It was being stored at the village office for the winter. She said that the troopers have their own AED in their office but that the one in the clerk’s office was the closest when the incident occurred at the meeting.

Village Fire Chief Larry Eisen said that the fire house will hold a training in May on how to use the AED. When Mayor Carol Weaver asked if the board could have a training session before that, Mr. Eisen said that the Valatie Rescue Squad and County Sheriff Dave Bartlett are certified trainers but the fire company members are not. They can use the AED but not train others to use them.

In a related matter at the reconvened meeting the board signed a shared services agreement with the Town of Kinderhook to use the services of the town Building Inspector’s office while Mr. Smith recuperates. Mayor Weaver, who participated in the meeting via a video conferencing connection, said that there would be no charge for the service. The board discussed getting the information about the change on the village website so people in need of Mr. Smith’s services will know to contact the town.

Also at the meeting the mayor talked about closing out the Office of Community Renewal (OCR) grant the village received to connect over 30 properties on the Main Street to the Valatie’s sewer treatment plant. “This November we met the job requirement,” she said of the part of the grant that said 37 new jobs needed to be created by the project.

She said a representative from the OCR reviewed the project paperwork. “We did get a really good review,” the mayor said.

The other major project in the village, the Village Hall roof, is almost complete, according the Trustee Bob Puckett. The board discussed repairing walls and the floor on the second floor.

The next regular meeting will be February 10 at 7:30 p.m.

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