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K’hook approves (new) new roof contract


KINDERHOOK–The Village Board accepted a new contract for the Village Hall roof repairs at the board’s regular meeting last week. In a 3-2 vote, board awarded Mid-State Industries from Schenectady the $473,000 contract for the work.

Last month, the board awarded the job to a lower bidder, Carey Construction in Kingston, but Trustee Bob Puckett said at the May 13 meeting that the company had not given the village correct amounts. Mr. Puckett voted for the new contact along with village Trustees Brian Murphy and Rich Phillips.

Mayor Carol Weaver and Trustee Dale Leiser voted against the new construction plan. “I think it’s going to be a lot more than you think it’s going to be,” Mayor Weaver told Mr. Puckett of the cost of the project, and she said she worried that spending money on the roof would force postponement of other major projects in the village. “It’s going to set everything back,” she said.

Mr. Leiser said that wanted references looked at for the new company.

Trustee Phillips said he talked to town officials in Stuyvesant who had worked with the company before and did not hear anything negative.

Also at the meeting:

  • The board discussed towels and grease found in the sewer manhole at the pump station on Route 9. The mayor said that the Department of Works spent two days flushing the system. She said workers checked with the local restaurants to see whether the grease came from those businesses but determined that it had not. “I think somebody might have poured something down it,” she said
  • The empty house and property on Church Street, known as the Chase House, is being sold at auction on June 4
  • Trustee Phillips announced that the village Planning Board approved the application for outdoor seating at the Flammerie, on Hudson Street, until 10 p.m. The seasonal seating will be at the back of the restaurant
  • Village Economic Development Director Renee Shur said the Home and Garden Day, a village event last month, raised $2,100 for village beautification. She also said that many non-profit groups have been asking to be part of the farmers market held in the village Saturdays.

The mayor said the groups would need to apply to the village to put a table at the on street near the market and applications must be submitted before the regular monthly board meeting for approval.

The next board meeting is Wednesday, June 10 at 7:30 p.m. in the village hall.

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