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Ja, das ist gut

Clermont State Historic Site, 1 Clermont Avenue, presented a Palatine Cooking Demonstration Saturday, April 24. The presenter was Katherine Weller (l) who is the director of education and visitor services for the New York State Museum. She brought books of 18th century German recipes, or ‘receipts’ as they were known, and created chocolate soup, good onion soup, codfish and apples folded in pastry dough, all but the latter cooked in cast iron kettles over open flames. According to Clermont Historic Site Manager Susan Boudreau, this was the first larger event the site has held since the beginning of the pandemic, and she foresees that they will be slowly opening back up. The annual Chancellor’s Sheep and Wool Festival will be held over the next three Saturdays, each with a smaller number of vendors and performers. Programs are at reduced or no cost in these reopening weeks. Photo by David Lee
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