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Hudson wants feedback on sidewalk conditions


HUDSON–The city of Hudson invites public input on the accessibility of curb ramps and sidewalks in Hudson. The public can give feedback via an online form where they can describe the problems and also submit pictures.

The city will use the information to respond to requests and document those responses, and, where necessary, enforce the obligations of property owners to maintain and repair pedestrian level walkways consistent with local ordinances including Municipal Code 22-18.

The City of Hudson will maintain all data received in this process.

The public can find the form and learn more at or by contacting Michael Chameides, the ADA coordinator, at 518-828-5866.

Creating this public input process is part of a larger effort to increase accessibility in Hudson. In the past few months, the City of Hudson has created an ADA Policy and ADA Grievance Procedure. The city issued an RFP (request for proposal) for an ADA architect and installed a callbox in front of City Hall.

Some scheduled improvements have been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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