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Hudson students run the government for the day

Hudson High School students change roles to give everybody a chance during the Hudson Youth Government Day. From the gallery, citizen Nusrat Begum expresses a contrary opinion regarding vendors in the Seventh Street Park. Photo by David Lee

HUDSON–Operation Unite held its annual Hudson Youth Government Day on Tuesday, April 11. Thirteen students from Hudson High School, who have been working afterschool with the Hudson non-profit Operation Unite to learn about many issues related to local, regional and national government, put their studies to practice.

In the morning, they toured facilities and shadowed Hudson officials such as Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton and Common Council President Claudia DeStefano. In the afternoon, they conducted a mock Common Council Meeting.

Each participating student was assigned a role – mayor, council president or alderman. Sitting in the room where the actual council meets, and using Roberts Rules of Order they argued the pros and cons of real issues from the rising sea level due to climate change to sanctuary cities to the Oakdale Lake Summer Camp.

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