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Hudson School District welcomes more new faculty


HUDSON–New teachers and new sports facilities dominated the Hudson City School District Board of Education meeting Monday, August 28.

Three new teachers were introduced to the board:

• Rebecca Stewart, special education for 3rd and 4th graders, comes from teaching pre-school. She said she is “looking forward to the challenge.” Asked if she had goals, she answered: to encourage children “to love reading so they will want to come to school.”

• James Mort, Jr., English as a new language in the junior and senior high schools said, “I come from this area and I’m very excited to be back.”

• Kyle Roberts, health at the high school, said, “I’m excited to be here.”

Superintendent Dr. Maria L. Suttmeier indicated she is “very happy” with these new hires and considers them “top level.”

Also this week the board officially named Hudson High School’s new sports field the Bluehawk Sports Complex. That name received the plurality of votes in a poll to the “school and local community.” In all, the district received 415 responses, both electronically and on paper. Of the 415, “Bluehawk Sports Complex” received 164 votes (40%).

Dr. Suttmeier reported the new football field is completed and its scoreboard is being installed. The first football game on the new field will take place Friday, September 1. For this game, in addition to the new bleachers, there will be supplemental temporary bleachers to assure seating for all spectators.

In other capital construction, Dr. Suttmeier continued, a new driveway is being built between the high school Grounds and Joslen Boulevard. And soon construction gates will go up on the grounds of Montgomery C. Smith Intermediate School. The district plans to have the Intermediate School building enlarged and reconstructed so it can serve pre-kindergarten through 5th grade. When it is ready, the district will be able to close and sell the John L. Edwards Primary School.

In the 2017-18 school year, the intermediate school will serve 2nd through 5th grades and the primary school pre-kindergarten through first grade.

Also at the meeting, Coordinator of School Improvement April Prestipino announced that each year they take state English language arts and math assessment tests, many students do better than they did the previous year. “I am amazed at the growth students have in test score improvements,” she said.

The next meeting of the Hudson City School District Board of Education will be Monday, September 11 at 6:30 pm at the Hudson High School Library.

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