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Hudson hires crossing guard for primary school


HUDSON–Crossing guards at the Primary School and a planned addition to the Intermediate School building received attention at the Hudson City School District Board of Education meeting Monday, August 8.

The John L. Edwards Primary School will get a crossing guard starting next month, board member David Kisselburgh announced. The city has hired a guard, whose duties will include both morning and afternoon shifts. The Primary School stands near the busy junction of State, Carroll, and Fourth streets in Hudson. The school currently serves pre-kindergarten through 3rd grade.

The Capital Project includes an addition to the Montgomery C. Smith building, which currently serves as the intermediate school, to expand it to seven grade levels: pre-kindergarten through 5th grade. Designs call for the addition to have one story. Now, reported board member Sage Marie Carter, the land on which the district planned to build the addition turns out to have a quality different than anticipated, making the cost of preparing it to support a building higher than budgeted. So the district has asked its architects to design a two-story addition, which will include an elevator but use less land.

When the two-story design and its costs are ready, the board will compare them to those of the one-story design.

Also at the meeting:

• This September two-thirds of the students attending Hudson Junior High School will be in that building the first time as the grade assignments there expand from only 7th and 8th grades to having 6th graders too

• Maureen McDonald, who will teach 3rd grade starting September, said she is “excited to be back here,” after five years outside the district. Her earlier service to the Hudson City School District included a variety of functions, from tutoring to occupational therapy

• Joseph Backes, who will serve as data coordinator & analyst for the year, said he was “very excited about joining your district.” One of his activities will be to send data from the district’s computer system to the state’s Data Warehouse. Previously he worked with education-related information technology in New York City, and in Rockland and Putnam counties.

The next Board meeting will take place Monday, August 22, at the Hudson Junior High School Library, at 7 p.m.

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