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Hillsdale fills court clerk seat


HILLSDALE–Deputy Supervisor Steve Tiger presided over this week’s Town Board meeting in the absence of Supervisor Peter Cipkowski. The meeting started with a minute of silence in recognition of the passing of Sam Dawson, age 99, on April 8. Mr. Dawson served as Hillsdale’s Supervisor for four two-year terms, 1988 – 94, in addition to several other civic positions.

The board approved the appointments of Katie Bell as Court Clerk and Teri Traver as Deputy Court Clerk. Ms. Bell replaces Carla Ingersoll, who resigned to serve as a judge in Philmont. The court clerk positions pay $15/hr. The court clerk position is budgeted for 20 hours per week. The board will determine the deputy clerk’s hours at a future date.

The board also approved a town maintenance bid of $8,500 from Brothers Landscaping and Contracting for gardening and mowing services. It was the only bid received.

Tax Collector Joe Hanselman announced that second notices have gone out to 117 households, a number he called “average for this time of year.”

Mr. Tiger, who chairs the town Human Resources Committee, announced that interviews for summer program applicants will be held May 3.

The next board meeting is Tuesday, May 8, 7 p.m.

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