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Hillsdale backs climate action


HILLSDALE–Citing sources ranging from the U.S. National Academy of Sciences to the Department of Defense, the Hillsdale Town Board adopted a resolution this week calling on the county, the state Congress and the president to “take prompt and effective measures to rapidly address climate change.”

Iona Lutey, a Hillsdale resident and member of county chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, attended the board’s Tuesday, April 21 meeting and said in an email afterward that the vote was unanimous in support of the resolution.

The two-page resolution was presented to the board by Ms. Luty on behalf of the Hillsdale Conservation Advisory Committee.

The text of resolution calls for government at all levels to promote and encourage “a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and their associated infrastructure, improvement in the efficiency of energy systems, and the development and installation of renewable energy systems.”

The resolution also says that the town “stands ready to work with any level of government to achieve these goals, that will in the process create safe, sustainable jobs and provide real, clean energy solutions for generations to come.”



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